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THE SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER A smart till can track stock, take payments and help operators

create a great customer experience, even at their busiest moments EVERY RESOURCE SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON DELIVERING A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Customers are scrutinising service more than ever before and are much less inclined to let a bad experience slide, so it’s never been more important for operators to ensure their staff deliver quality service at all times. At Worldpay, we know that admin takes up such a huge chunk of operators’ time, with small business owners spending roughly a fifth of their time on paperwork1

. In the

hospitality industry, where staff are used to processing a large number of transactions every day, reconciling that information can result in late nights and early mornings cashing up. It’s no wonder many operators are struggling to call up an accurate record of profit and loss.

KEEP THE WHEELS OF THE BUSINESS RUNNING SMOOTHLY Operators need business tools to help them manage all of their transactions in one place and in an easy-to-understand layout. These tools should provide instant access to sales trends and allow businesses to keep on top of their cash flow, emails, customer enquiries and stock. Addressing this challenge, My Business

Hub – an intuitive, all-in-one, tablet-based point-of-sale solution – provides the ability to reduce the daily admin burden by automat- ing the reconciliation of cash and card pay- ments. Accepting all forms of major debit and credit cards, contactless, mobile payments and cash, the detachable tablet is also able to view your daily total sales, compare sales trends, access up to one year of transaction history, keep on top of cash flow, manage reconcili- ation quicker and view invoices on a simple and easy to use platform.

“My Business Hub is a smart way to take payments, print receipts and reconcile your day’s sales, allowing you to focus more on your customers and your business”

CUT DOWN ON TIME SPENT ON ADMINISTRATION AND CONNECT MORE DEEPLY WITH CUSTOMERS Queuing is one of the biggest turn-offs for customers, with nearly three-quarters saying they will abandon a purchase if they have to wait more than five minutes2

. Whether they’re grabbing a quick drink or paying the bill after

an evening at a fine-dining restaurant, today’s customers don’t want to wait, making fast payment solutions crucial. Technology that takes sales away from the

till and to the customer is a great way to reduce congestion and offer a personalised service to customers. With My Business Hub, staff can speed up the entire payment process for cus- tomers as well as ensuring details are accurate. At quick-service restaurants, orders can be

placed on tablets in the queue, which reduces waiting time, while at full-service restaurants staff can carry the tablet with them anywhere on the premises and orders can be taken instantly, accurately and processed quickly. These systems are also proving useful in prompting servers to ask customers if they want to make an additional order. The net effect is that staff are empowered and able to engage on a personal level with customers and are equipped with the means to drive additional sales and encourage customers to return. My Business Hub is also fully integrated with My Business Dashboard, Worldpay’s online insights tool. Hub users will be able to see both cash and card transactions in their My Business Dashboard account, saving them time, while also enabling them to track per- formance, view sales trends and gain valuable insights about their business.

Worldpay, helping your business grow.

Survey of 500 UK small business owners (less than 50 employees) carried out by Opinion Matters on

To find out more, call 0808 278 1140 1

behalf of Worldpay in June 2015 2

36 | Technology Prospectus 2017 Worldpay Consumer Preference Report 2016

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