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JOIN THE RESERVATION REVOLUTION It’s time for restaurants to take control of their own reservations - and discover a whole host of other benefits too.

great food and service to keep loyal diners, they want their own system to help them win and retain their hard-fought customers.

VIVE LA RESERVATIONS A reservation revolution is under way. For too long, operators have been trapped in contracts with online travel agents (OTAs), who ram- page through their database and charge outra- geous commissions. Now is the time for change and ResDiary is at the helm. Since the advent of OTAs, restaurateurs have been told that they need third-party oper- ators to motivate diners to book. Without the tools to create incentives themselves, venues are handing their relationship with the cus- tomer to the OTA. This can give diners less qualms about cancelling or simply not showing up, spelling disaster for restaurant revenues. But 2016 has brought change. Travel tech

news this year has been of peer-to-peer sites outplaying traditional booking sites and quadruple-figure losses for the big players in restaurant reservations. As venues return to

10 | Technology Prospectus 2017

ENTER RESDIARY Using ResDiary, restaurants have the tools to encourage reservations and to create their own customer allegiances.

Through applying dynamic pricing via their own system, restaurants can lift or lower prices according to demand. It means quieter times have higher occupancy, while revenues are maximised during peak days.

“Restaurants can lift or lower prices according to demand. It means quieter times have higher occupancy, while revenues are maximised during peak days”

Restaurants have the ability to safeguard themselves against revenue loss by using the tools in their system. ResDiary features, such as ticketing, prepayments and tokenisation, can limit and even eradicate no-shows and cancellations. With an integrated database and restaurant- owned data, venues can gather vital informa- tion to keep in touch with guests and build customer loyalty. Diner information is no lon- ger held at ransom by a third party, but freely available for their own marketing purposes.

ALL FROM THE RESTAURANT’S OWN SITE AND WITH NO COMMISSION While there are many systems with these fea- tures, there are none that offer them all from one place and at a flat fee. Except ResDiary. It’s time for restaurateurs to revolutionise their reservations. It’s time to stop throwing away money on outdated OTAs and it’s time to put the power back into operator’s hands. Vive la restaurant reservation revolution!

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