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The British expertise bringing fun to the amusement industry

It might not be home to so many big ride manufacturers these days, but a quick glance at the membership list of the Association of Amusement Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the United Kingdom (ALES-UK) reveals that the country is in fact home to a diverse range of specialists serving the industry. A mature parks and attractions market means a well- experienced and skilled supplier base, whose services are in demand across the globe. Ahead of this month’s DEAL trade show in Dubai, where many ALES-UK members will be participating, Park World turns the spotlight on some of the companies concerned.

Why are the UK’s strengths when it comes to the manufacture and supply of amusement equipment? Patrick Severn Lamb, Severn Lamb (PL) – I believe that a large part of the UK’s strengths lies within the maturity of the leisure and attractions facilities and operators themselves and therefore our ability to service it. British manufacturers and suppliers have enjoyed a long and fruitful past supporting and learning from what both the operators and their guests want to see from a great day out.

John Davies, Interlink (JD) – The UK has been renowned for its engineering achievements for several hundred years and this solid background and heritage in design and engineering has lent itself perfectly to the manufacture of amusement equipment. Jon Bailey, Global Attractions (JB) – Our flexible labour laws, competitive skilled workforce and innovation skills all add tremendous value to UK manufacturing.

The UK excels in several areas, but there are not so many big ride manufacturers any more. Why do you think this is? JD – The amusement market has become more and more competitive over the years and the strong forward-looking companies have managed to adapt, survive – and even thrive – through the difficult times, although unfortunately somewhat reduced in numbers.

How do you remain competitive against your foreign competitors, especially those with cheaper labour costs? JB – We move to higher technology, added value products and new innovations. PL – Remaining competitive is an ongoing challenge and one that is not just about price. We endeavour to provide exemplary customer service from initial contact through to

APRIL 2016

ALES-UK chairman Tony Whittaker of Elton Games

client liaison, advice, quality of product and after sales care.

Simon Foulkes, Rainbow Productions (SF) – We find that our clients are looking to invest in quality; we compete on price in terms of the longevity of our products, versus often cheaper products that perhaps do not reflect an organisation’s brand to the same high standard and do not deliver in performance over the same length of time. JD –We remain competitive by continually reviewing our design and manufacturing processes. Also, low cost is often not a decisive factor when choosing amusement equipment. Innovative ideas and designs along with higher quality often influence the client more than price.

How much do you collaborate with other UK manufacturers/suppliers in the industry? JD – There is a lot of collaboration between UK companies. which can take the form of networking events to share intelligence and market strategies, and also strategic partnerships. For example, Interlink is currently working with Simworx (another ALES-UK member) to integrate technologies to produce a world-first ride design. Watch this space! SF – Rainbow Productions strives to attend and take part in as many UK events (conferences and exhibitions) as possible. As such, over the years we’re pleased to have built up a network of contacts and friends within the sector, all sharing information and knowledge.

Rides, bouncy castles and wave machines

(and a whole lot more) The Association of Amusement Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the United Kingdom (ALES-UK) represents almost 50 British companies, providing a diverse range of products and services. Members are as follows” Amusement Technical (rides), Angus Firth Design, Arcade Operator, Animalive (interactive multimedia), Blooloop (media), Bounceabouts, Costumers With Character, DJG Exhibition Services, Elton Amusements (derby racer games), Extreme Action Products, Formula K (go-karts), GS Engineering, Gibbons Fan Products, Ice Magic International (synthetic ice rinks), Innovative Leisure (active attractions), Interlink (rides), Interpark (media), JH Rundle (rides), Jolly Roger (coin-op kiddie rides), KWP Ltd (consultancy), Leisure Technical Consultants (ride safety/inspection), Lorica Insurance Brokers, Lycetts (insurance), Murphy’s Waves, Neuman Aqua, OmniTicket, PMS International (prizes/merchandise). Pan Amusements (shooting galleries), Park World (media), RCE Associates (ticketing), Rainbow Productions (costume characters/events), Rover International (costume characters), Sarner (design), Saturn Imagineering, Sega Europe, Severn Lamb (people movers), Simworx (multimedia/3D/simulation), Taylor Design (playgrounds), The Juice (3D/4D films), The Playbus Company, Timberplay, Vitala Group (project finance), Yourguide (advertising/media), Zone Leisure Technology (laser tag).


We are

keen to stay within the European Union. However

should an exit be realised, subject to changes in import/export trade

regulations, the effect would

hopefully be fairly neutral

Patrick Lamb, Severn Lamb

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