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Gale Force: taking shape nicely at Playland’s Castaway Cove

S&S rides into 2016

Manufacturer boasts projects from New Jersey to Japan

S&S – Sansei Technologies (S&S) is conspicuous this spring in New Jersey with two different coasters rising 72 miles (116km) apart. The first S&S 3L (triple launch) El Loco coaster at Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City will be joined by a 4D Free Spin coaster dubbed The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. Across the globe, S&S is preparing to open or install many more rides and attractions in 2016 and 2017. Read on and let us bring you up to speed.

Gale Force International

projects In 2016 and 2017, S&S – Sansei will install many attractions around the world – not just rollercoasters. The Utah-based firm is erecting an air- launched coaster and a tower ride at Sun Tzu Cultural Park in Shandong, China, where it has multiple other tower ride projects including Wanda parks in Harbin, Hefei and Qingdao and Rio Carnival Theme Park. Further tower rides are destined for Motiongate in Dubai and Doha Oasis, Qatar, as well as some unidentified double installations in Europe and a single tower project in the US. An unnamed Japanese park will get a rollercoaster too. "S&S initiated a recent focus in the design, engineering and manufacturing within a niche in the market that we have created in small footprint coasters that offer unique and exciting ride experiences," says company president Tim Timco. "This has propelled our company to the next level, but the popularity and interest in our tower rides does not seem to diminish."

A triple launch coaster is big news for a family-operated park like Playland’s Castaway Cove in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Scott Simpson of S&T Amusements, the park’s owner, says he was looking for a unique ride experience that offered just the right amount of thrill and enjoyment, but not too much, as he wanted the coaster to appeal to the entire family. The result is Gale Force, the first LSM-powered 3L (triple launch) El Loco coaster from S&S – Sansei. Until now the manufacturer has had great success with its air-launched rides but “it was critical that we introduced a coaster with an LSM launch,” declares S&S president Tim Timco. “By far the most unique challenge with this project was designing a stand out coaster that offered an impressive ride experience with multiple elements all within the small footprint that Scott has to work within." When it opens in June, Gale Force will transport riders in a compact 12-passenger ride vehicle through 1,269ft (388m) of twists and turns. The 3L coaster promises two forward launches, one backwards, with the final launch forward reaching speeds of 64 mph (103kph). There are seven exciting elements including a 125ft tall (38m) first crest, followed by 100ft tall (30m) second crest, as well as a 180° twisting climb, off-camber dive drop, top hat, 540° corked roll and raven dive. Looming over the Seaside Heights boardwalk, the eye-catching construction occupies a very small footprint, just 40 by 220ft (12 x 67 m). “After 56 years on the Ocean City boardwalk, we have chosen S&S to build a compact thrilling coaster to entertain our visitors," says Simpson. "Our Gale Force coaster will feature acceleration from beginning to end, providing non- stop excitement for the entire ride.” "This will be a 'family thrill' coaster," explains

Timco. “It's not tremendously tall, not overly fast, but has some really cool elements that will provide exciting thrills. The three launches are a ride in themselves. We plan on building similar coasters elsewhere and have plenty in the queue that are in discussion."


LEFT: S&S president Tim Timco (left) and Scott Simpson from Playland’s Castaway Cove with the ride vehicle from Gale Force

How the finished product will look

Gale Force, as pictured April 2

APRIL 2016

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