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Park News

Skull Island

King Kong comes to Islands of Adventure

When it opens this summer at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, Skull Island: Reign of Kong will bring the next generation of the King Kong legend to life. Guests at the Florida park will be thrust into an exotic

world filled with the menacing, the intense and the entertaining. A powerful storyline, stunning 3D experience and other innovative technology will pull visitors into what will be one of the longest Universal ride experiences ever created. The adventure begins as visitors set out to explore an

island rife with prehistoric creatures of unknown origin, and the legend of a beast still undiscovered. They find themselves at a campsite of the 8th Wonder Expedition Company. Beating drums draw guests toward an ancient temple. Moving deeper into the ruins reveals a lost shrine, and proof they are not alone. Boarding a specially designed expedition vehicle, guests set off on a

thriling multimedia experience. As the temple’s massive wooden doors slowly open, suddenly passengers find themselves in the midst of a raging struggle between creatures of incomprehensible size and ferocity. One particular creature is bigger, closer and more overwhelming than can be possibly imagined. It is Kong. But is he friend or foe? Here's a sneak preview of the attraction exterior, which Islands of Adventure guests wil have seen taking shape over the past few months. Soon will be able to experience exactly what's inside. Sister park Universal Studios Hollywood already features a Kong-themed immersive tunnel as part of its studio backlor tour, but this is the first time such an experience has been offered as a standalone attraction at a Universal park.

Walking Dead in the park

Universal Studios Hollywood and Movie Park Germany are to bring the most popular show in US cable television history to life this summer with permanent attractions based on the AMC series The Walking Dead. The American park has already features a Walking Dead maze at its Halloween Horror Nights, but now it will operate year-round in a new, custom built structure just inside the entry to Universal Studios Hollywood. The attraction depicts the story of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of terrifying flesh-eating walkers. Meanwhile at Movie Park Germany, which already stages one of the most successful Halloween seasons in Europe, The Walking Dead Breakout will introduce park guests to the AMC brand for the first time. German TV viewers can enjoy The Walking Dead by subscribing to the Fox channel. Movie Park guests, meanwhile, will be asked to pay an additional charge of €5 on top of park admission to sample the new Breakout attraction. The age restriction will probably be 16.

SeaWorld opens ‘natural’ animal viewing areas

SeaWorld Orlando has opened Manatee Rehabilitation, an area for park guests to see the behind-the-scenes rescue and rehabilitation work SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment does to save the marine species. Visitors can to step into a working wild manatee acute care facility, come face-

to-face with animals that have been ill or injured, and follow their journey to recovery. Whilst a guided tour of the entire facility has been available for years, the park has now opened up sections of the manatee rehabilitation area for free to all visitors. Guests can see firsthand the top problems today’s manatee populations are facing and learn simple actions to help. In addition to viewing the animals currently undergoing rehabilitation, they can also see their digital medical charts, interactive exhibits, an underwater viewing camera and videos of the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team.

*SeaWorld Entertainment has confirmed that the killer whales currently in the company’s care will be the last generation as it seeks to end all orca breeding. The US-based park operator will also introduce new, natural orca encounters rather than theatrical shows, focusing on killer whale enrichment, exercise,and overall health. This change will start at SeaWorld San Diego next year, followed by San Antonio and then Orlando in 2019. “SeaWorld’s commitment to end breeding of orcas is a long-held goal of many animal advocacy organisations, and we commend the company for making this game- changing commitment,” says Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).


Manatee Rehabilitation at SeaWorld Orlando

APRIL 2016

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