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Pistol Selection Match


Brown, Uptagraff t & Sanderson Take Top Honors at Pistol Selection Match

USA Shooting’s top pistol

athletes converged in Colo- rado Springs the last week of February to compete in a Smallbore (.22 caliber) Selection Match to select the competitors for the fi rst Rifl e/Pistol


Shooting Sports Federa- tion (ISSF) World Cup of the season in Changwon, Korea in April. Will Brown, Sandra

Henderson (Midland, Geor- gia) of the U.S. Army Marks- manship Unit (USAMU) was fourth followed by four-time Olympian and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Jason Turn- er (Rochester, New York) in fi fth. Uptagrafft (Phenix City,

Alabama) used her Olym- pic experience to best her sport pistol competitors,

collegiate Women’s Pistol Champion Alexis Lagan (Salt Lake City, Utah) in fi fth. The event concluded with

the biggest highlight of the four-day event with the two- time Olympian Sanderson (Colorado Springs, Colora- do) recording a 35/40 in the Rapid Fire Pistol fi nal, equal- ing the world-record Finals mark. The Rapid Fire Finals

Florida) fi nished fourth fol- lowed by Tony Chung (Dia- mond Bar, California) in fi fth. Top performances, how-

ever, don’t guarantee these athletes an all-expenses paid trip to the ISSF World Cups. USA Shooting has adopted Performance Stan- dard Scores (PSS) for 2015 in all shooting disciplines that represent the score level required to qualify con- sistently for Finals in ISSF

Two-time Olympian Keith Sanderson (left) shot 35/40 in the second-day Final of Rapid Fire Pistol to tie the Finals World Record.

Uptagrafft and Keith Sand- erson emerged victorious af- ter two qualifi cation rounds plus a fi nal. Brown (Twin Falls, Idaho)

earned top marks in the Free Pistol event, defeating Olympians Brian Beaman (Selby, South Dakota) and Nick Mowrer (Butte, Mon- tana), aided by his two Fi- nals wins. Brown was also the top Air Pistol fi nisher during the Winter Airgun Championships. James

particularly during Qualifi ca- tion as her combined score was 16-points better than that of second-place fi nisher Enkelejda Shehaj (Naples, Florida). Texas A&M pistol shooter Payton Duvall-Frey- muller (San Antonio, Texas) proved to be the surprise of the match, landing in both event Finals and fi n- ishing third overall. Brenda Silva (Snowfl ake, Arizona), a 2008 Olympian, was fourth followed by 2014 NRA Inter-

40 USA Shooting News | March 2015

require athletes to complete a fi ve-shot series in four seconds and only shots 9.7 points or better are scored a “hit.” That fi ne display of marksmanship backed up a strong qualifi cation score of 581. Five-time Olympian Emil Milev (Temple Terrace, Florida) fi nished second overall while USAMU’s Brad Balsley (Uniontown, Penn- sylvania) was third. Double Junior World Champion Alex Chichkov (Temple Terrace,

competitions and are being used to determine eligibility for USA Shooting funding to major international events. To date, Sanderson and Mi- lev represent the only two pistol athletes being funded for upcoming World Cup matches in any of the fi ve events based on their 2014 performances. World Cups have added

signifi cance for athletes in 2015 as the four ISSF World Cups and the Pan American Games mark the remaining opportunities for athletes to earn quota slots for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This match served as the

fi rst part of the selection process for the ISSF World Cups in Fort Benning, Geor-

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