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Promoting the sport & re- cruiting youth • “Getting


young shooters to stay interested in the sport. Not enough advertisement


representation at the other types of shoot- ing events.”

• “Other countries are having better results internationally than we do and USAS is not keeping up.”

• “Keeping athletes interested in com- petitions in view of the extremely limited places on the Olym- pic team.”

• “Lack of young

shooters, or lack of remaining shooters due to age, or cur- rent shooters losing interest due to lack of success.”

Funding • “Continuing to obtain resources that will help fund USAS and its programs.”

• “There is never enough money to raise new shooters and support existing shooters.”

• “Funding as always. Younger shooters

need experience but not at the cost of the national team getting to major competi- tions.”

• “Funding for coaches and supporting top athletes will be the top challenge. Also, having a pipeline full of young shooters with decent coaching is needed.”

What to do diff erently Promotion • “Promotion of the Olympic disciplines at the grassroots level to strengthen membership and participation.”

• “Get more involved at the collegiate level - sponsoring regional/national tournaments and pull kids into the Na- tional Development Team from there.... Add scholarships as incentives.”

• “Try to increase par- ticipation in shooting activities…participa- tion does not have to lead to competitive events.”

• “Get shooting…into the Olympics TV cov- erage.”

• “Advertise to youth to get in the program.”

Coaching • “Train coaches in all different places so shooters that do not live near the facility can receive the same level of coaching as those who do.”

• “Should hire a dedi- cated rifl e coach. The turnover rate is horrible. Pay them a decent salary so they can do only coaching. Require them to live in Colorado Springs. How can a resident athlete train without a coach?”

• “Coaches’ internet chat room so we can communicate with each other and with USAS easily.”

Summary In summary, while USA

Shooting’s commitment in- dex is very good, taking the following actions should positively impact stake- holder perceptions of USAS overall, its leadership and organizational performance: • Improve communica- tion, especially with athletes

• Increase visibility of

the sport & strength- en public opinion

• Evaluate funding ef- fectiveness of all aspects of Youth De- velopment, including coaching

• Heighten awareness of the work that is being accomplished by the Board of Direc- tors and NGB Leader- ship Staff

Research Notes Of the 1,044 survey invi-

tations emailed on October 30, 2014, 413 individuals completed the survey by the November 10 deadline. Nearly two-thirds of respon- dents were athletes, includ- ing junior, open and cur- rent and former USAS team members. Coaches com- prised the second highest stakeholder group, at 14%. Parents, volunteers and oth- er stakeholders comprised the balance. The high number of com-

pleted surveys provides a high level of confi dence in the results. For this survey, we can be 95% confi dent that the results accurately refl ect the opinions of the to- tal USAS Stakeholder popu- lation, within a margin of er- ror of plus or minus 5%.

About the Consultants Kae Rader is Owner/President of Rader Consulting, LLC, managed the research project. Kae specializes in strategic planning,

nonprofi t board governance and stakeholder research. With more than 30 years of leadership and service in the nonprofi t sec- tor, Kae has provided guidance to many organizations, including the U.S. Olympic Committee, Indiana Sports Corporation, and numerous national governing bodies for Olympic sport.

Phil Rader performed the statistical analysis. Phil has 25 years of consulting experience in designing and managing qualita-

tive and quantitative research projects. Phil was a co-founder of Symmetrics Marketing Corp., a fi rm specializing in stakeholder relationship measurement (now part of Ipsos, one of the world’s largest marketing research fi rms).

Josh Richmond Hillsgrove, Pa.

32 USA Shooting News | March 2015

Christian Wilkoski Centerburg, Ohio

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