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Navy Pier selects accesso

Accesso has signed a three- year agreement with Navy Pier Inc to provide its Passport ticketing solution to the 50-acre Chicago landmark. The Passport ticketing suite will allow the Navy Pier to offer its guests convenient access to advance ticket sales through desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices as well as support the attraction’s onsite sales with traditional ticketing point-of- sale and mobile point-of-sale solutions. “I’m really proud of the

work our team has done launching the newest version of the accesso Passport eCommerce solution across multiple clients this year,” says the company’s TJ Christensen. “Our new version lets attractions leverage the same key revenue-driving features accesso’s eCommerce platform is known for across any device, providing a rich and engaging experience no matter how or where a guest decides to purchase attraction tickets. In fact, it was named 2014 Best New Product by IAAPA.

The deal with Navy Pier

comes in the midst of a dramatic redevelopment of the attraction’s facilities in advance of its centennial anniversary in 2016, including the redesign of the public spaces known as Pierscape, plus improvements to the interior of the Family Pavilion and South Arcade.

Since Walt Disney World removed the turnstiles as its parks in Florida, more attractions are experimenting with friendlier ways welcome their guests

CRM where it can be accessed and utilised by all areas of the attraction’s operations.

Should things like virtual queuing, e- payment etc be offered as part of the same product?

John Gibson (JG), OmniTicket – Yes, if possible it is always easier to have one system supporting your core venue management needs such as ticketing, access control, virtual queueing, e-payments/wallets, booking of resources (cabanas, birthday rooms, workshops), reserved seating, self-service kiosks and such. We’ve designed our system to seamlessly integrate these functions within one application to reduce the need to design and maintain interfaces and to offer more comprehensive reporting and data management.

Balaji Venugopal (BV), Semnox – Yes, these can be part of the same product stack or the product should have the capability to access these services on demand. With customers preferring a hassle free and convenient way for visiting parks, these services need to be offered to improve the overall customer experience.

TJ Christensen (THC) – At accesso we’re all about helping operators create the best digital guest journey. Whether a guest is purchasing online, setting up their cashless accounts for the day through our point of sale solutions, or taking advantage of our innovative virtual queuing solutions, we want to make sure that the entire experience is as simple and intuitive for the guest as possible. We know that the simpler the process, the better the guest experience will be resulting in higher per caps and repeat guest visitation.

Do fast passes create a two-tier park experience? TJC – Today, most parks have some sort of premium reservation or fast pass solution for their guests. These solutions are about providing guests options for how they want to spend their time at the park. We can all


agree that the less time a guest spends waiting in line, the better their overall experience. What we’re seeing is that many parks are looking for ways to provide these type of solutions for free, with optional time saving add-ons to further enhance the guest experience. If we can help our clients provide a great guest experience, and combine that with helping them drive revenues at the same time, that’s fantastic. JD – There is definitely a huge interest from a large segment of consumers wanting to upgrade their experience, and willing to pay a premium to do so. Other consumers want to manage costs and are all about the discounts and special offers. So it seems that there is a natural movement to this two-tiered experience that is driven by consumer feedback.

Has technology led to a greater or smarter use of ticket discounting? TJC – Greater no, smarter yes. Over the past few years we’ve seen many of our clients work very hard to reign in the multitude of promotions and discounts out in the marketplace that we’re traditionally redeemed on-site. The issue wasn’t necessarily the discounting it was the time required to launch and track a particular promotion. By leveraging the power of eCommerce and mCommerce clients can now quickly adapt to changing market conditions to ensure they are maximising their revenue opportunity throughout the season. JG – Yes,

technology now allows attractions to offer dynamic discounts and pricing to drive business during slower periods and place the proper value on tickets during busier periods.


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