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Park News

Lego City Polizeistation Themed maze for Legoland Deutschland

Germany's Legoland park is in line for a world-first attraction this coming season. Lego City Polizeistation invites guests to join Lego cops on a turbulent chase to find a bunch of robbers who have broken out of their cell. Along the way they most overcome obstacles including a mirror maze and laser maze. If successful and the crooks are put successfully back behind bars, then guests are rewarded with the chance to build their very own Lego city out of the famous toy bricks. Also new for 2015 at Legoland Deutschland will be an Atlantis by Sea Life aquarium exhibit featuring over 2,000 fish and other marine creatures including mantas and rays, viewable through a glass tunnel. In summer, meanwhile, the Lego Friends arrive for regular meet-and-greet opportunities.

Meawnhile at the Legoland Holiday Village, guests can take advantage of 14 new rustic camping barrels, each with a sleeping area and

New rides and slides for Casino Pier

Now back in business after sustaining severe damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2013, New Jersey’s Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach amusement park/waterpark is planning a number of new additions for 2015. On the cards are a ew Double Shot drop

tower, 36-hole (2 x 18-hole) multi-level mountain miniature golf course, plus an expanded Seaside Speedway go-kart track including added twists and turns and a new pit location. Breakwater Beach will be adding new wave pool integrated with a waterfall feature from the new miniature golf course. A speed slide and serpentine design slide are also new for 2015, together with a new food & beverage outlet. Casino Pier is currently working with state and local authorities in order to obtain approvals for expansion on the north end of the existing pier. The new expansion will incorporate area for a new rollercoaster and Ferris Wheel and is in the planning stages for a 2016 opening.

small living compartment for up to four people. This brings the total number of beds in the village up to 1,154, including 72 houses and two castle- themed hotels. Plans for an elaborate Lego City hotel have been shelved due to the high room rates that would have been necessary to recoup the investment, thought to beyond the reach of most Legoland fans.

Adventure Park USA announces new

coaster Located in New Market, Maryland, Adventure Park USA is adding a new rollercoaster for 2015. Built by SDC, the 53ft-tall (16m) ride will soar higher than the park’s other coaster, the Wildcat. The newcomer was previously located at the Old Town Theme Park in Kissimmee, Florida, which is in the process of removing all its rides. The attraction is now in the process of being completely restored before starting its new life in Maryland. In 2014, Adventure Park USA celebrated its 10th anniversary with new rides including the Mini Himalaya, Scrambler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Frog Hopper and the former Windstorm coaster.

Two new for Coney

Island Cincinatti Reopening in May for its 129th season, Coney Island, Cincinnati, will greet guests in 2015 with two new SBF/Visa rides courtesy of the manufacturer’s US representative Rides-4-U. A family-sized Mid Dance 360 ride (as above) will swing back-and-forth in a pendulum motion, sending riders through 360° and over 35ft into the air as the eight-seater carriage spins in a clockwise direction. The other new ride is a fleet of kiddie bumper cars to complement the park’s ever-popular Dodgems, a Coney Island staple for decades. The new attractions bring to 26 the number of rides at the Cincinnati park.

Larson Loop slated for Darien Lake

Darien Lake Theme Park, Darien Center, New York, will introduce a Giant Loop from Larson International for the 2015 season. The 72ft-tall (22 m) steel looping sends up to 24 riders in facing seats rocking forward and backward pendulum style until the train gains enough momentum to complete a full revolution. It then kicks into high gear, completing several more revolutions until it stops momentarily with riders suspended upside down, and then reverses direction for more thrills.

The attraction will replace a ride that's been at Darien Lake since the park's early days, the UFO by Huss. Larson is also supplying Giant Loops this season to four parks in the Six Flags group.


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