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Ticketing Apple Pay in the park

OmniTicket Network has developed an enhanced version of its ticketing software to support the new mobile payment and “digital wallet” service Apple Pay. According to an official statement issued by Apple in September, Apple Pay “will transform mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay. The system works with both versions of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, as well as the new Apple Watch, using a NFC antenna, a chip called the Secure Element and Touch ID security. Up to 200 million users of these Apple devices can add their credit or debit card on file via their iTunes Store account. The statement from Apple also announced that

Walt Disney Resort in Orlando will support Apple Pay, and a Walt Disney Co spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel that, “Apple Pay makes shopping fast and easy for guests and simplifies the check-out process for our cast members. Our guests are going to love the convenience of Apple Pay, which will bring an easy, secure and private way to make purchases at Disney Store and Walt Disney World Resort.”

Heading into 2015, OmniTicket Network will

develop further software enhancements to support the roll-out of Apple Pay at additional attractions and leisure venues across the globe.

system can help them manage access control with only handhelds or “access pods.” Of course this approach won’t work in all environments, but is a good option to offer a friendlier, more relaxed experience for guests. TJC – Absolutely. Almost every operator we speak with today is looking at ways to make their arrival experience more welcoming. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to replace the physical barriers that turnstiles create with friendly staff with handheld scanners to great the guests as they arrive. BV – Although scanners always act as

TJ Christensen, accesso

additional point of entry validation, it is recommended to go through a physical turnstile that is integrated with a scanner. This will not only help in controlling the crowd but also provide valuable real time data.

How can parks make better use of the data collected via their ticketing/access systems? BV – Access to business data is critical to make informed decisions and react quickly to market conditions. The data collected via the ticketing system can be used to analyse information at an aggregate and detailed level. This holistic view of data will help park operators analyse trends, performance indicators and a predictive view of their business operation. JG – An attraction’s CRM (customer relationship management) strategy should be designed from the beginning in collaboration with their ticketing and access partners to ensure that the enormous amount of data that can be collected is properly feeding into the system. With careful planning the ticketing system can be invaluable in feeding useful data into a central

Ticketing and access control systems

Our systems offer complete on-site venue management solutions using OmniTicket’s unique Overview programme


Point-of-Sale stations *Built-in marketing tools

*Comprehensive event management

*Automated, reliable access control

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