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Event Review

Meet the manufacturers

Here’s a quick run down of some of the varied rides and products manufactured by the participating companies in the 10th Meeting della Giostra:

BN Performance Rides

Products include the Saltomontes jumping ride, Smashing Jump, a popular line in bumpy slides and new tilting Hip Hop Tower.

CMC Caravans

High-end living trailers featuring multiple rooms and slide out sections.

Carpenteria Meccanica di Stefani & Ferracioli

Bumper car ticket desks, games trailers, food kiosks and packing trailers. Eurocasse

Ticket boxes, games trailers etc. Lights Co

LED signage and ride illumination. Works with both manufacturers and parks/showmen, including Luna Park, Coney Island.

Losi Francesco Elettronica

Over 30 years’ experience of lighting components and accessories for parks, fair and attractions. Product lines include Fun-LED colour changing RGB lighting.

Pama Rides Trading

Manufacturer and importer/exporter of rides from other manufacturers, from carousels to large/medium thrill rides.

Park Rides Lamborghini

Carousels, Ferris wheels, family rides and medium-sized thrill rides. New factory premises in Bergantino.

Rides Garage

New Bergantino-based manufacturer. Products include Musik Express, Tagada, Mega Saltomontes and Pinball Slide.

RT Rides Tagadas, portable family coasters, fun houses, car rides.,canoe rides. No website!

SI.MA Park Ride servicing and refurbishment.

Soriani Zamperla-owned factory responsible for some of the manufacturer’s chunkier constructions including the Maverick, Sombrero, large tower rides and other medium to large thrill rides.

Street Art

Airbrush murals and décor for rides and attractions. Zapporoli

Ticket boxes and neon signs via sister company DRD Neon. Also featured on the tour were MDT, TRGT and Parente Fireworks.


Following our short report last month of the 10th Meeting della Giostra (Rides Meeting) in Rovigo, Italy, Park World takes a slightly more in-depth look at the programme enjoyed by the event’s international guests

Hosted by CNA Rovigo, which promotes the province’s artisans and small to medium-size businesses, the event focused on the small but highly industrious neighbouring towns of Melara and Bergantino. The latter enjoys such a close relationship with the ride manufacturing industry that it is home to a museum celebrating its history, Museo della Giostra, and even boasts street names such as Via della Giostra and Via del Carosello (Ride Street/Carousel Street). A total of 16 companies took part in the latest Meeting della Giostra on December 11 and 12, some hosting visitors at their own premises, others tagging along with brochures. The invited guests, representing travelling fairs, parks and FECs in Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Qatar, got a sneak preview of many rides and attractions in production for the 2015 season, plus several undergoing refurbishment. Well fed and watered during the event, they also enjoyed a civic dinner at Bergantino town hall and a firework display the following evening. “The LED displays of Lights Co caught my interest and gave me ideas on how to improve illuminations at our locations,” Jojo Ropero of Playland/Landmark shopping mall in Doha told Park World after the event. “I was also impressed with the pivoting cover ticket booths from Eurocasse and the Soriani factory was worth the visit too, giving us the inside view of how these big rides are made. I hope it is not a sin not to mention that the food and drink I enjoyed the most, it really was great hospitality.”

Fun House by RT Rides, Bergantino

Enjoying the Italian hospitality were Doyle Gill and Wolter Willi Helmut (Australian showmen), Jojo Ropero (Playland, Qatar) and Lima de Azeredo Angelo Pedro (My Dynamic Entertainment, Portugal)

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