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The following Booking Conditions together with the information contained in the Frequently Asked Questions section contained in this brochure form the basis of your contract and constitute your conditions of carriage with NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., trading as Norwegian and/or Norwegian Cruise Line, a limited liability company incorporated in Bermuda, with its head office in Miami, Florida, USA and a registered UK establishment (no. BR007961). Our office in England is at Horatio House, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 8JA. Please read our Booking Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions Section carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. All information is believed correct at time of print – May 2014 – but is subject to change.

Travelling with us is one of the world’s best holiday buys. Your cruise holiday fare includes all meals (other than cover charges at certain restaurants) and entertainment on board ship, detailed port briefings, port charges, departure taxes, baggage handling, and where applicable, flights, hotel stays (room only) and transfers between airport, hotel and ship (for flight inclusive cruises). Not included, however, are service charges (see clause 22), optional programmes or activities such as shore excursions or meals ashore (unless otherwise stated in the itinerary description), any fuel supplement, personal services, other items available on board, airport transfers where you have booked cruise only and any other service not expressly included in your cruise fare.

Except where otherwise stated, these Booking Conditions only apply to cruise only or cruise inclusive holiday arrangements and, where applicable, to the other services (such as airport transfers where you have booked cruise only and other land arrangements) which you can book with us in the EU and which we agree to make, provide or perform (as applicable) as part of our contract with you. All references in these Booking Conditions to ‘cruise‘, ‘holiday‘,‘holiday arrangements‘, ‘booking‘, ‘contract‘, ‘package‘ or ‘arrangements‘ mean such holiday arrangements. References to ‘departure‘ mean the start date of your holiday arrangements.

Where you book cruise only arrangements through a tour operator, your contract will be with that tour operator and not us. Your tour operator will be responsible for the proper performance of the contracted services subject to and in accordance with their terms and conditions. Where you book cruise only arrangements through a travel agent, your contract may be with us or with the travel agent depending on how your booking is made and whether you purchase other services such as flights from or through the travel agent in connection with your cruise. Where your contract is with your travel agent, their terms and conditions will apply. In all cases, the provisions of the Athens Convention 2002 as referred in clause 10 will apply to your cruise and the process of getting on or off the ship.

In these Booking Conditions, ‘you‘, ‘your‘ and ‘Guest‘ means all or any of the persons named on the booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date). ‘We‘, ‘us‘ and ‘our‘ means NCL (Bahamas) Ltd., trading as Norwegian and/or Norwegian Cruise Line.


You may book with us directly by telephone on 0845 201 8900 or via one of our authorised travel agents or our website Before making a booking you must ensure that you have read and understood these Booking Conditions (raising any queries you have with us). You will be asked to confirm you have read the Booking Conditions before your booking is accepted. The first named person on the booking (‘party leader‘) must be at least 21.

A binding contract between us will come into existence when we verbally confirm your booking and provide a reservation number to you if booking direct or your travel agent receives confirmation of your booking and a reservation number from us by any means or your

WWW.NCL.CO.UK | CALL: 0845 201 8900

booking is confirmed by our website. Payment of the required deposit or full payment as applicable and as referred to in clause 2 below must be made at the time of booking. If payment is not made as required, we are entitled to treat your booking as cancelled and to levy cancellation charges as set out in clause 6 below.

The service charge applicable to your cruise (see clause 22) will be added to your booking at the time of confirmation. This charge will be shown separately on your confirmation invoice and will be payable at the same time as the balance of the holiday cost. If you do not wish to pay your service charge in this way, you may ask for it to be removed from your confirmation at the time of booking or at any time up to 2 weeks prior to departure. If you do so, the service charge will be added to your shipboard account and must be paid before departure from the ship. If you cancel your booking before departure but after paying your service charge, the service charge will be refunded in full. Where your service charge has been pre-paid before departure, refunds are not available onboard and you must apply for a refund, if applicable, after your return home by writing to our Guest Relations department.

Following confirmation of your booking as above, we will issue a confirmation invoice. This invoice will be sent to the party leader or your travel agent. Where you have provided an e-mail address to us or your travel agent, we will e-mail your confirmation invoice to you. You should therefore regularly check your e-mails and print it off when received. Please check this invoice, your tickets and all other documents carefully as soon as you receive them. Contact us immediately if any information appears to be incorrect or incomplete. Please note, all telephone conversations with our reservations department are recorded. If you need to correct the spelling of the name of any Guest or any other incorrectly stated (by us) information, you must do so by contacting us within 7 days of receipt by you of your confirmation invoice providing the correction is made more than 14 days in advance of your departure date. If you are booking within 14 days of departure, you must notify us of any errors (by us) within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation invoice. An administration fee of £35 per person per change will be payable if you wish to correct any name or other incorrect information more than 7 days (or 48 hours for bookings made within 14 days) after receiving your confirmation invoice. This administration fee will also be payable if you wish to make any other alteration to your booking at any time (subject to availability) including where you have given us incorrect information at the time of booking. Other charges may also be payable in addition to the administration fee.

Guests should note that airlines may not allow name changes or date changes on scheduled flights and that the flight booking may need to be cancelled and rebooked if a name needs to be changed. The rebooking will always be subject to flight availability and to the payment of any charges imposed by the airline, which may, in some cases, be the full cost of the ticket.

We cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any error or omission in your confirmation invoice within the above time limits. We will do our best to rectify any mistakes made by us which are notified outside these time limits. However, you will be responsible for any costs and expenses involved in doing so.


In order to confirm your chosen holiday, a deposit is required as follows* DESTINATION/CATEGORY


Cruise-Only & Europe Fly-Cruise reservations

£100 per person

Fly-Cruise reservations outside Europe £200 per person Suites & above (categories H1-SJ) 20% of total fare

*or full payment if booking after balance due date (see below). The required deposit/ full payment must be paid at the time of booking. You can pay by cheque, bank transfer, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. If paying by card: card number, name on card, expiry date, card holder’s postcode and three digit security code on back of card will be required. †For all Fly-Cruise reservations a non refundable APC (ATOL Protection Contribution) will also be collected at time of booking. This forms part of the total cost of your holiday. This amount is currently £2.50 per person (see clause 18 for more information).

The balance of the holiday cost must be received by us not later than the balance due date which is 60 days prior to the start of the holiday for all cruises (full payment for Suites (category H1-SJ) is required at 90 days). The balance due date will be shown on the confirmation invoice. You must ensure payment reaches us by this date. If we do not receive all payments due (including any surcharge where applicable) in full and on time, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. In this case the cancellation charges set out in clause 6 below will be payable.

Except for flight inclusive bookings, all monies you pay to one of our authorised travel agents for your holiday with us will be held by the agent on your behalf until we confirm your booking in accordance with clause 1. After that point, your agent will hold the monies on our behalf. For flight inclusive bookings, all monies paid to any authorised travel agent of ours for your holiday with us will be held on behalf of and for the benefit of the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust subject to the travel agent’s right and obligation to pay such monies to us in accordance with our trading terms unless we fail. In the unlikely event of our financial failure, all monies then held by the travel agent or subsequently paid by you to the travel agent will be held by the agent on behalf of and for the benefit of the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust without any right or obligation of the agent to pay such monies to us.


A binding contract between us comes into existence when we confirm your booking to you or your travel agent as set out in clause 1. We both agree that English law (and no other) will apply to your contract and to any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us (‘claim‘) except as set out below. We both also agree that any claim (and whether or not involving any personal injury) must be dealt with under the ABTA arbitration scheme (if the scheme is available for the claim in question and you wish to use it – see clause 11) or by the Courts of England and Wales only unless, in the case of Court proceedings, you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland. In this case, proceedings must either be brought in the Courts of your home country or those of England and Wales. If proceedings are brought in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may choose to have your contract and claim governed by the law of Scotland/Northern Ireland as applicable (but if you do not so choose, English law will apply).

Changes to these Booking Conditions or the information contained in the Frequently Asked Questions section shown in our brochure will only be valid if agreed by us in writing.


Please note, changes and errors occasionally occur. You must check the price of your chosen holiday at the time of booking.

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices of unsold holidays at any time. We also reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in advertised prices at any time before your holiday is confirmed. The price of your chosen holiday will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Once the price of your chosen holiday has been confirmed at the time of booking, we will only increase or decrease it in the circumstances set out below. A surcharge or refund/reduction in the price (as applicable) will be payable, subject to the conditions set out in this clause, if our costs increase or decrease as a result of changes in transportation costs or in dues, taxes or fees payable for services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports or airports or in the exchange rates which have been used to calculate the cost of your holiday.

Even in the above cases, only if the increase in our costs exceeds 2% of the total cost of your holiday (excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges) will we levy a surcharge and then only for any increase in excess of this 2%.

If any surcharge is greater than 10% of the cost of your holiday (excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges), you will be entitled to choose option (b) or (c) as set out in clause 8 below if you do not wish to pay the surcharge. You have 14 days from the issue date printed on the surcharge invoice to tell us if you would like to take one of these options. If you do not do so within this period of time, we are entitled to assume that you agree to pay the surcharge.

A refund/reduction will only be payable/applicable if any decrease in our costs exceeds 2% of the total holiday cost as set out above. Where a refund/reduction is due, we will pay you/give you credit for the full amount of the decrease in our costs.

Any surcharge must be paid with the balance of the cost of the holiday or within 14 days of the issue date printed on the surcharge invoice, whichever is the later. Please note that holiday arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your holiday due to contractual and other protection in place. All references in this clause to the cost or total cost of your holiday exclude the discretionary service charge.

We promise not to levy a surcharge within 30 days of the start of your holiday. No refund in respect of any decrease in costs will be payable during this period either.

We reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices. We will do so as soon as we become aware of the error.

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