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Analysis, test and measurement M2

-200s beam analyser

Ophir Photonics has launched the newest version of the M2


200s, the company’s camera-based beam propagation analyser. The M2-200s is an ISO 11146-compliant

system that automatically measures laser beam quality in less than two minutes and features a robust design that supports continuous operation. The latest version enhances the system’s robust packaging with a new motor controller that decreases noise from motor movement by 30 per cent. The M2

-200s is a compact, portable unit that features a CCD camera for use with pulsed or CW lasers, from 266 to 1,300nm. The system automatically measures M2


beam waist location and width, divergence, astigmatism, asymmetry ratio, and the Rayleigh range for each axis. Input beam sizes can range from 0.5 to 10mm. Manual mode is available for beams that are too large, too small, or for wavelengths outside the standard optical train.

PhaseCam 6000 interferometer

The 1,064nm PhaseCam 6000 from 4D Technology is a compact and lightweight Twyman-Green interferometer for measuring near-infrared optics and optical systems. With an easy-to-position, fibre- coupled measurement head and motorised controls, the PhaseCam is ideally suited for optical train alignment and testing at a system’s functional wavelength.

PhaseCam laser interferometers employ Dynamic Interferometry technology to acquire measurement data in less than 30ms. This measurement speed makes the PhaseCam insensitive to vibration and air turbulence, enabling measurement in noisy environments such as clean rooms and manufacturing facilities. PhaseCam systems include 4Sight advanced

wavefront analysis software, providing extensive 2D and 3D analysis and visualisation tools, as well as comprehensive filtering, masking, database and import/export functions. Applications for the PhaseCam 6000 include

Lenses and optics LWIR lenses

Hyperion Development has added a range of high-resolution, compact LWIR (8 to 12µm) lenses to its product portfolio. The lenses cover focal lengths of 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 100mm, all operating at f/1.4. The lenses are ideal for use in infrared security and monitoring applications, such as in power plants and border security. In addition, Hyperion has strengthened its manufacturing capabilities in the infrared with the recent acquisition of AFM Optics. This acquisition gives Hyperion a local manufacturing capability and improved

Optical pre-cutting services

Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its product range in the area of industrial optics to include customised pre-cutting services for various materials. A high-pressure water jet is used to cut glass, metal, plastic, foam, ceramics, stone and wood to size. This is done without heating the material, extremely precisely with an accuracy of 0.02mm,

Optic holder UNOH 65

turnaround for a wide variety of products. In particular, it has added in-house capabilities of diamond turning and processing of all major IR materials.

Owis has released its optic holder UNOH 65 for the beam handling system SYS 65. The holders are capable of carrying mounted and unmounted optics with dimensions of 22mm up to 51mm. The handling of the UNOH is simple: a lever is pushed back, the arms open and the optic can be inserted. The use of universal optic holders leads to significant time-savings, as complete removal and installation of different holders is not required anymore. Another advantage is that, in each case, the cheapest optic can be used, as one UNOH fits many diameters.

without causing deformation and according to specifications.

The maximum size for pre-cuts is 580 x 980mm. Free forms are also possible. Applications include glass for optical instruments, metals for precision mechanics, plastics for washers and mounts, special foam packaging and ceramics for heat conductors.

measurement of optics for astronomy, aerospace and surveillance, as well as alignment and verification of telescopes and other optical systems. Laser Physics is now supplying 4D

Technology’s new range of products for the measurement of 300mm diameter optics, which have been designed around a standard, 100mm aperture AccuFiz interferometer.


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