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minimising ghost reflections. Additionally, these beam expanders use internal translation and focusing mechanisms to continuously adjust magnification and laser divergence without affecting overall housing length. This compact design removes the need to make system accommodations for changes in length and eases system integration. The lenses are available with 532nm, 1,064nm, and visible coating options in magnifications of 1-3x and 2-8x.

Gentec-EO will perform a live demo of the Beamage-M2


the company’s new real-time M2 measurement module for the Beamage-3.0. To achieve M2 measurements, the system uses a completely passive optical approach, based on a Fabry-Perot interferometer. This technology has the significant advantage

of having no moving parts, allowing for nearly instantaneous M2 a compact assembly. The M2

measurements and measurements

are taken directly in the company’s PC- Beamage-3.0 software and a step-by-step procedure is clearly indicated on the screen to guide the user through the set-up process. All the measurements done by the software are ISO 11146 and 13694 compliant.

Ibsen Photonics’ will be present to discuss its core technology, fused silica transmission gratings. Its main grating products today include phase masks, telecom gratings, laser pulse compression gratings and spectrometer gratings. By combining unique optical design capabilities with transmission grating technology, Ibsen Photonics additionally supplies compact, OEM spectrometer modules for applications such as UV, VIS, NIR, Raman, OCT, and fibre sensing.

For laser applications such as femtosecond laser pulse compression and spectral beam combining, fused silica transmission gratings offer good power and energy-handling capability. For spectroscopy, the gratings

combine broad spectral bandwidth with high dispersion and convenient optical designs. These benefits are clear in the performance of ultra-broadband UV-NIR Freedom spectrometers, as well as in the company’s high resolution Eagle spectrometers that are suited to Raman spectroscopy.

ID Quantique’s ID120 series consists of compact and affordable single-photon detector modules, based on reliable silicon avalanche photodiodes that are sensitive in the visible spectral range. Key advantages of the ID120 modules are high quantum efficiency up to 80 per cent at 800nm or 60 per cent at

Detection Solutions

AP Technologies presents Photonics Tutorials at the Cambridge and Scotland Photonex roadshows


the pulse picker for fs and ps mode-locked lasers

- low dispersion - division ratio of up to 1:2 Visible & NIR photon counting solutions

pulseSelect + pulseSelect Dual Pulse selection for fs and ps lasers

Silicon photomultipliers Advances in low light detection

• pulseSelect Dual (serial) for highest contrast ratio of 6000:1

• pulseSelect Dual parallel for simultaneous pulse picking of two

sychronized laser sources

Please attend our presentation or visit our stand to discuss your application

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