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Ad-15 1/2 Europe Laser and diodes



The CRT oscilloscope was invented in 1897 in Germany by Braun to allow observation of exact waveforms of an electrical signal and has been serving mankind ever since.

WTR industrial laser module

Snake Creek Lasers has introduced the WTR series, an industrial- grade OEM laser module. The WTR module is proven for operation from -29°C to +43°C ambient temperatures, and to withstand severe shock and vibration. With 10 to 50VDC input voltage requirement, the laser is easy to integrate into OEM applications. It offers two auxiliary 12VDC outputs and the laser can be triggered with alternative latch or momentary trigger modes. The WTR is currently

EP760-DM-B laser diode

Frankfurt Laser Company has added a low-cost oxygen detection laser diode to its product line. The fibre-coupled 760nm laser diode EP760-DM-B from Eblana Photonics is a high-power, single- wavelength laser source. It is supplied in an industry standard 14-pin butterfly package with a

Specdilas-D DFB lasers

Laser Components has introduced its new higher power range of Specdilas-D DFB lasers for spectroscopic measurement technology. They are available in the wavelength ranges 1,278-1,296nm, 1,389-1,398nm, 1,504nm-1,512nm, and 1,649-1,654nm with power outputs of up to 25mW (compared previously to 11mW peak output powers). All wavelengths are available in two

power options: Premium (≤15mW) and Premium Plus (≤25mW). There are a variety of packaging and cooling options available. The lasers provide an excellent single wavelength optical source with proven reliability (ageing | @electrooptics

available with output powers up to 50mW at 532nm or 30mW at 635nm wavelengths. Depending on beam forming optics, the laser can be tested to CDRH Class 2, 3A, or 3B requirements. Snake Creek Lasers develops advanced solid-state laser technology under research contracts and is an OEM supplier of miniature industrial-grade visible and infrared lasers to military, industrial, and commercial market places.

Designed to Measure Made for Accuracy

NanoScan provides NIST-

Traceable Beam Profile and Pointing Measurements

polarisation maintaining fibre pigtail. This 760nm laser diode is ideally suited for the use in TDLAS-based gas sensing systems for oxygen detection. It also features high-reliability, Mode-Hop free tuning of less than 2nm, an integrated optical isolator, and linewidth of approximately 3MHz.

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New & Improved NanoScan 2 Direct USB connection to computer

tests available) and wavelength tuning capabilities via on board TEC cooling. The company has also released high power 635nm laser diodes, the ADL-63V0BTP and ADL-63V0ANP


Achieving an efficiency of 1mW/mA and an emitting area of only 50µm, these diodes have been thermally optimised for use in TO cans and are available in 9mm and 5.6mm housings.

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