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48 TVBEurope BVE London Britain’s biggest show

Our February issue is all about the cloud and IP, but the industry won’t be going entirely ‘virtual’ for a long time to come. Tradeshows, where industry professionals can meet one on one and show off products and services in the flesh, are as big as ever. The Broadcast Video Expo is the second largest TV tradeshow in Europe (after IBC). In the following pages, we showcase just a few of the products which will be making an appearance at this month’s event, on 25 – 27 February at the ExCel, London. BVE’s seminar schedule has expanded and

improved year on year. It will be distributed across eight theatres – Broadcast IT, Production, Producing, Post Production, Cinematography and Lighting, Skills, the

Connected Theatre and the 4K Theatre. The session themes run from commissioning and financing, to the latest sound technologies and post production workflows, to second screen and cross- platform delivery. The TVBEuropeteam will be on the BVE floor all day, every day. We look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. — Neal Romanek

Gearhouse wheels out OBLite trailer for BVE [Gearhouse]

Gearhouse Broadcast will be showing its fully-equipped live production HD OB trailer at BVE. OBLite was designed and built by Gearhouse’s in-house systems integration division and aims to provide a compact but flexible footprint that can accommodate a complex production workflow. Launched at IBC2013, OBLite features eight Hitachi camera channels and can house a seven- to eight-person production and operation

Canford to highlight UK manufacturing [Canford ]

Canford Audio has been designing and manufacturing audio, video and broadcast products in the UK for over 37 years and will be highlighting just a small selection of the 4500+ own brand products available at BVE. With manufacturing plants in Washington, Tyne and Wear and Portland, Dorset, Canford produce almost all own brand products within the UK.

These include the Tecpro Communication System, Neal Suspect Interview Recorders, EMO Power Distribution Units, mains switchers , mic and line splitters, panamic boom poles, as well as MDUs, black boxes and a range of termination panels. New products at BVE will include the Canford test tone oscillator (outputting 40Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz or 15kHz), automatic cable tester

MK4 used for testing long or short cables, multi-cores and fixed installation cabling, EMO guitar headphone amp, and phase check system which includes a generator and detector allowing fast testing of the polarity of acoustic transducers, microphone and electronic devices. A range of Canford’s screen-printed rack blanks will also be on show. The blanks allow for custom

crew. It is easy to up- or down- spec as required and offers low power consumption. It features a production gallery, audio workstations and an engineering control area. Its live HD production workflow operates eight Hitachi camera channels (seven SK-HD1200 portable- type production cameras and one SK-HD1500 6G Super Slow-Motion camera); a Ross Carbonite vision mixer; and the recently launched Lawo V__link4 video-over-IP solution; Harris Platinum router and Glue; Harris test

and measurement systems; a Studer Vista audio mixer; and a Harris Inscriber CG system, along with full talkback capabilities. “We’ve had a lot of interest in OBLite since it was unveiled last September, so BVE is a great opportunity for us to show the local market what its capabilities are and discuss the improvements we’ve since made to it,” said Eamonn Dowdall, business development director, Gearhouse Broadcast. B01 February 2014

designs to be screened directly onto the panels for branding, user controls and rack identification. These can be

economically produced in relatively small batch sizes. J76

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