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is the personal attention to customer service that precision technicians stress after the sale. This includes being there for all initial start-ups and also provid- ing after-hours service.

As Draude jokes, some of Brokaw’s precision customers probably think their technicians are “vampires” be- cause they are only seen at night. “A lot of dealers don’t understand the value of providing that late night service. We’ve got guys that have day jobs and they don’t get home and start farming until 8 or 9 at night because that’s a second life for them,” he says. “Sometimes you get a call at 2 a.m. in the morning and you’ve got to get up. It’s a give and take in our industry. If you don’t give a little, you’re

going to lose more on the other side.” What Brokaw doesn’t want to lose is it ability to offer a broad range of prod- ucts that its precision specialists can ef- fectively service.

As Harthoorn notes, every time a new precision product is added, it takes time for salespeople and technicians to get up to speed. “We don’t take on a new line un- less we’ve seriously researched it. If we feel that it doesn’t provide signifi - cant support to a major product line we already carry, or it does not have the potential to meet our primary business model requirements, we won’t take it on,” he says. “If there’s not a signifi - cant revenue stream to be seen from

it, we won’t even consider it because we’ve got plenty to handle already.” Draude says one area of growth for Brokaw is through “accent” products, which make fi nancial sense for the deal- ership, but also offer value to customers. He’s had success with “accent” prod- ucts like Colorado-based Intuicom’s RTK Bridge — a device used to auto- matically connect with a variety of RTK corrections — to test the cellular strength of a Wisconsin customer’s signal. “We were able to drive through his

fi eld, down through some hollows out there in Wisconsin, and see where his actual dead spots were with just the sim- plicity of having that Intuicom box with us,” Draude says. “Those little things

What Others Say About Brokaw Supply…

Precision Farming Dealer interviewed Rick Hofer, Ag Leader territory manager for Iowa, and Jeff Speckman, Raven Industries territory sales representative for northern Iowa, about their personal observations on the 2013 Most Valuable Dealership of the Year, Brokaw Supply Co., in Fort Dodge, Iowa. A Natural Fit. “They’ve always had the potential to sell on the precision side, because they were already in the application equipment business,” notes Hofer, who works with dealers throughout Iowa. “In the last few years, they’ve taken that step and really moved into precision and fill that void in a big way.”

Seeking Opportunity. “Roughly half of their business is in the retailer world, and they sell lot of equipment to ag retailers,” explains Speckman, who is the sales manager for parts of Iowa,


Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Brokaw is able to leverage their relationship with those retailers to sell, install and service preci- sion equipment, which is impressive.” Customer Focused. “They go above and beyond to make sure the customer has what fits best on his farm,” Hofer says. “Their ability to make things work for customers, and their customer support, is great. It gives me confidence as a territory manager to know that Brokaw is a leader in this area.” The Right People. “With Phil Draude bringing years of experience on the precision side, he has the knowledge to take it to the next level for Brokaw,” Hofer notes. “I’ve known him for a long time and he has a vast knowledge of precision systems and is committed to finding the right solution, no mat- ter what it takes.”

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