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March 2013

TVBEurope 27

What’s new for NAB?

There’s a What’s New for 2013 brochure on the NAB website with the title of ‘MEtamorphosis: The changing face of media & entertainment’. The scene-setting intro says, ‘there’s no better destination to capitalise on opportunity as this industry morphs to keep up with evolving platforms, devices and consumer expectations for increased mobility, interactivity, customisation and an all-encompassing entertainment experience.’ There follows a series of buzzwords for 2013, including:

HD trunking for higher bandwidth By Fergal Ringrose

MultiDyne MULTIDYNE’SHD-18000 CWDM multiplexing system enables users to transport up to 18 HD-SDI signals per singlemode fibre, making it among the industry’s most powerful and economical HD trunking solutions. Portable and easy to use, the platform is perfect for

transmitting multiple high-bandwidth signals in harsh operating environments and can easily support emerging 4K applications, providing users with the capability to transport up to four 4K signals with one fibre. At NAB, visitors to MultiDyne will get a first peek at the new FS-18000 Fibre-Saver, a CWDM remapper/multiplexer that transports up to 18 digital optical or SDI signals over a single fibre, simplifying the transport of additional signals in remote locations where there are an insufficient amount of available fibres.

4K, file-based workflows, multiplatform, ultra high definition, connected media, cloud, high frame rate filmmaking, social TV, DRM, 3D, second screen, content discovery, big data, virtual production and monetisation. Not bad, as a scan across what should be some of the big talking points in Las Vegas this year. Overall message? The increasing personalisation of media consumption, and the subsequent attempted ‘morphing’ of the entertainment

Using the FS-18000 Fibre-Saver, a user can input any digital optical signal, with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/sec. MultiDyne’s signature SilverBACK-II with JUICE is the cost-effective, camera-mounted fibre transport solution capable of transmitting any camera signal, including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power over a single hybrid fibre and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries.

Featuring a compact case measuring just over one inch thick, the SilverBACK- II with JUICE eliminates operator fatigue in the field by providing users with a lightweight, remote

powering system that can be integrated onto any camera. Ideally suited for news, sports, ENG, D-SNG, OB, and multicamera studio applications, the SilverBACK-II can transport SDI video up to 3G HD-SDI uncompressed with embedded or separate programme audio. C10339

technology industry to keep pace with these rapid changes. How will new offerings of NAB exhibitors match the keywords above and help you to transform your business for the future?

First choice for T&M loud and clear at NAB

By Fergal Ringrose Phabrix

PHABRIX WILL reveal the latest developments in its modular Rx rack mount range for test and measurement at NAB. With multiple units being configured for use in installations ranging from engineering bays, OB trucks and broadcast

manufacturing, the Rx modular system is fast becoming a first choice for T&M where budgets are tight and feature requirements are high. Capable of displaying multiple channels with the additional of easy fit modules, the Rx can be configured with

By Melanie Dayasena-Lowe Autoscript

PART OF Vitec Videocom, Autoscript will bring a range of its prompter displays and accessories to NAB, including the E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre) all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor. The first production batch of E.P.I.C. units has already sold out

generators and analysers including the additional capability of eye pattern automated measurement, a feature that Phabrix has continued to develop since it was first released its Sx handheld instruments in 2009. All of its instruments are SD/HD compliant with an option to support 3G-SDI. Phabrix has also announced the release of loudness support for the Rx range. Available as a free upgrade to existing units, Phabrix claims to be unique in offering an additional loudness option to extend the loudness monitoring capability of the Rx to four separate channels — a world’s first for multi- channel simultaneous monitoring, it says.

and is being used for studio and OB broadcasts in countries including the US, Germany, Italy and Austria. Robin Brown, product manager, Autoscript, said, “It’s fantastic to see that E.P.I.C. is really gaining momentum. E.P.I.C. addresses many major concerns for today’s


Powerful, fully integrated system for managing ad sales, traffic and billing across multiple channels and non-linear platform End-to-end – from ad proposals to scheduling and invoicing 

Optimization tools to maximize revenue; Real-time monitoring and post-analysis

Extensive search and report with customizable, drill-down reports Cindy©

Air Time Sales Solution for Media Companies Office Europe Metz, France - Office USA Atlanta, Georgia

is a comprehensive, fully integrated, real-time system for managing your complete sales operations across multiple platforms. Cindy©

Cindy© combines simplicity and

sophistication in a single system that includes planning, scheduling, optimization and reporting tools; modules to facilitate non-linear production and much more. Cindy© highly scalable and integrates easily with 3rd party systems.



In following pages, we begin our coverage of NAB 2013 with the first of two NAB Product Previews detailing launches and innovations from some of the big names in the business. Fergal Ringrose

With the move to conform to strict audio standards and culpability for broadcasters worldwide, the loudness toolsets offered include recording for momentary, short term and integrated audio metering with an additional range figure. Loudness can be checked in ITU, ATSC or EBU mode with mono, stereo and 5.1 surround clearly displayed in large instruments. N4833

EPIC popularity prompted for studio and OB broadcasts

broadcasters – it simplifies studio equipment, reduces power consumption and enables easier location prompting.” Autoscript will also bring a range of LED TFT prompting solutions to NAB, along with the VoicePlus voice activated prompting software, and a variety of innovative accessories designed to solve real-world challenges. C6425

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