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ENERGY SAVINGS New energy management system designed specifically for small-to-medium sized installations aims to open up power-saving options for traders nationwide

The new Voltis 100Amp voltage optimisation system from UK manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex offers the likes of restaurants, cafes and smaller retail outlets, supermarkets and convenience stores a miniaturised version of its commercial optimiser systems. The unit, which measures 420mm x 360mm x 195mm, refines

power quality and comes as standard with an automatic bypass function and intelligent control to maximise savings potential. And it is suitable for any location utilising a single-phase electricity supply and load up to 100Amps. Available nationwide through electrical wholesalers and easily

installed by a qualified electrical contractor between the electricity meter and consumer unit,Voltis 100Amp has been designed to be straightforward to install and more cost effective for smaller outlets at a price point that can deliver a financially attractive payback period.


PRINTER LAUNCHES The smallest printer of its type in the world comes to market at a competitive price point, suitable for a wide variety of labelling

applications Citizen has launched the CL-S6621, the smallest 6-inch label printer on the market, designed to save valuable workspace, as well as offer a range of features. As a miniaturised version of Citizen’s CL-S621, the CL-S6621 is a 60% smaller than the next largest 6-inch printer, and half the price, according to its maker. Target markets include logistics, warehousing, pallet labelling, licence plates, banner writing and sign writing but because the CL-S6621 offers so many benefits it is opening up more markets for 6-inch label printing than ever before. Among its features, the printer automatically detects the code being sent to the unit and switches it from Datamax to ZPL emulation or vice-versa. This ‘Cross-Emulation’ can ease integration into existing applications or networks, or where connection to a PC is not needed. INDUSTRY PARTNERS LAUNCH SHRINKAGE STUDY

New four-year research project plan with university will aim to provide better understanding of loss in the retail community

Retail shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labelling supplier, Checkpoint Systems, is collaborating with the University of Leicester and joint trade and industry body, Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Europe to develop new ways to combat loss in the retail industry. Co-chairs of ECR Europe’s shrinkage workgroup, John Fonteijn, head of group RETAIL TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

asset protection at Royal Ahold and Colin Peacock, on-shelf availability customer development director for Procter & Gamble, will oversee these new projects. And they will include the impact of loss on on-shelf availability, multichannel retailing and mobile scanning technology developments, as well as the links between employee satisfaction and loss.

Other end-user retailing companies

involved in the project are: Tesco, Asda, L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Beiersdorf, Carrefour Belgium, Sainsbury’s, Heineken, Jumbo Supermarkten, Metro Group, Wilkinson, Diageo Brands, Bacardi, Polo Ralph Lauren, A.S. Watson and GSK. And ECR also hopes to establish an active retailer forum.

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