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Debenhams recently signed a deal with customer intelligence specialist Sky IQ to build a single customer view as part of the retailer’s efforts to provide better service and more targeted and effective marketing campaigns to the millions of shoppers who visit its stores every month. Sky IQ, a wholly owned subsidiary


he Channel Islands Co-operative Society (CICS) is ensuring it offers good service at all times with the help

of IT service management and self-service technology from Sunrise Software. CICS installed Sunrise Software’s Sostenuto

IT service management and Chameleon Self- Service systems two years ago to replace the previously time-consuming, Excel spreadsheet and paper-based processes that were used to support 500 PC users across 25 locations in the Channel Islands, including its stores, post offices and travel agents. Sostenuto now captures 100% of IT

incidents, ensuring all receive prompt attention. Staff are encouraged to log their issues – everything from PCs to requests from the store development team for extra electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) terminals when new checkout areas are built – via the Chameleon self-service portal. This capability has boosted IT operations and customer service. Rem Floris, information systems support

analyst at The Channel Islands Co-operative, explained: “Not only does self-service save

time and reduce the number of calls coming into the service desk but it tangibly improves customer satisfaction by giving users complete visibility, for the first time ever, of how their incidents are being handled and the ability to track progress from beginning to end.” Since implementing Sostenuto, the CICS

IT operations department has also been able to introduce a sophisticated business tool that encourages best practice ways of working and supports many parts of the organisation through one single point of contact. Floris added: “What is really good about

Sostenuto is its flexibility. You can tweak it to do whatever you want, very quickly.” For instance, the Society has taken advantage of Sostenuto’s change management functionality to comply with stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. By tracking the asset numbers of every chip and PIN device used and then recording all changes and replacements made to those terminals,CICS can confidently keep an accurate audit trail and present relevant reports required for PCI standards compliance.

the Sunrise system to support its health and safety initiatives, expense order process and point-of-sale requests.

of Sky, will build Debenhams a single customer view to enable the retailer to better track shoppers’ usage patterns and recognise when a customer logs in across multiple channels. This system will be accessible and viewable by all Debenhams’ marketing and customer service teams, helping to minimise the potential for silos while ensuring that all opportunities are covered. Debenhams is focusing its efforts on using data from a rapidly evolving number of marketing channels, including mobile and social, to gain more accurate information about its customers’ activities and behavioural patterns across all of these channels. Richard Cristofoli, Debenhams

Mike Guest, head of IT for The Channel

Islands Co-operative Society, added: “Sostenuto’s reporting capabilities are second to none. The solution is clever enough to spot trends and enables us to prioritise and tackle any areas of weakness immediately. It’s also an excellent strategic tool, giving us the hard evidence we need to drive forward business change and support industry compliance.”

marketing director, stated: “We’re excited to be working with Sky IQ as a close partner in helping us achieve new levels of sophistication in customer analytics and campaign effectiveness. The retail landscape is becoming more competitive and customer service is at the top of most business agendas. This includes delivering a more personalised service and getting information to customers in a more timely and efficient manner, which is ultimately what underpins our bottom line. Sky IQ’s proven expertise in marketing services and its similar culture make it a great partner for us.”


CICS is planning on expanding the use of

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