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HSS Hire has simplified security applications and streamlined compliance processes using cloud risk-based approach to information assurance from SureCloud. The building equipment and tools supplier needed to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and chose SureCloud’s information security and IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software-as-a-service (SaaS) help continuously assess operations and fix any vulnerabilities identified. “SureCloud has minimised the threat of non-compliance, enhanced the security of our data and given us a visibility that we simply didn’t have previously.And it’s all delivered in a single, cost effective package,” said Dennis Joseph, HSS Hire computer services manager. Joseph also told Retail Technology the

company has been able to consolidate its security and compliance requirements, which has, in turn, increased the speed at which it can implement PCI, required controls. “SureCloud’s SaaS platform is providing HSS Hire with centralised management of functions that it would otherwise have to buy as separate point solutions,” he said. The company is using SureCloud modules to replace point systems, such as those used for vulnerability management and scanning, event and log monitoring and wireless intrusion detection systems (IDS). “HSS Hire also has SureCloud’s own penetration test management module that does not directly compare with anything else on the market,” Joseph added. “PCI compliance is merely a snapshot in time,” he concluded. “You can be compliant today, but tomorrow something may happen to your network that makes you no longer compliant, so continual review is key. [Also, as] no system is ever 100% risk or vulnerability free, SureCloud does help to ensure things are as tight as possible.”



software into a key strategic resource for streamlining communications and supporting effective decision-making. With a worldwide retail store

G network,

managing and distributing the information that enabled critical decision making was a costly and inefficient process for the company until it deployed Report2Web from Redwood Software some five years ago. Retail


caught up with Michael Relich, Guess chief information officer and executive vice president of strategy, and Bruce Yen,

Guess director of business intelligence, to find out how the system is supporting the business in the long term. “When we first started using

Report2Web, we needed to distribute reports in a consistent way,” said Relich. “Redwood will tell you that what we do with now really maximises a lot of its capabilities. We rely heavily on it.” Guess runs business applications

including MicroStrategy reports, PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials. Corporate executives, company- owned stores and the Guess finance and accounting departments share a significant number of business and time- critical documents on a regular basis. “We look at Report2Web whenever

lobal fashion and accessories brand Guess has developed its use of web-based reporting

there’s a better way to automate the process of giving our people access to information,” said Yen. The web-based document storage

and distribution system has streamlined document management processes and helped make better use of resources, personnel and budget.

With the

Report2Web Burster, reports can be parsed out so users can view and print only the information they need and are authorised to access.

For example, the Guess payroll department used to spend about 46 hours a month distributing timesheets. But it now takes just minutes to accomplish the same task, with fewer errors.

“There are also huge security benefits,

given that reports can contain sensitive data,” added Yen. “Rather than emailing them, they get a link that can only be accessed by them.” Relich added: “This also allows us

to keep a history, so we can see which areas require the most labour in terms of disseminating reports. The consistency this gives us across the enterprise reduces the need for users to access other systems to generate and print standard reports, which also helps us make savings on enterprise software licencing.” “Report2Web aligns with our overall

strategy of providing users with a one-stop shop to access reports and information from disparate systems,” he concluded.

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