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Rail Gourmet is reaping the benefits of a new electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system. The travel hospitality services

provider has been providing the complete supply chain, logistics and on-board operations for Irish Rail since 2007.

A couple of months ago it completed the roll out of the RailPoS system from ECR Retail Systems to manage its onboard Irish Rail catering and handle mobile transactions in a straightforward enough way for crews to use, as well as link to its Dublin office and London headquarters. “Our crew members actually request shifts on trains currently running ECR’s RailPoS system, praising its simplicity and ease of use,” said Ciaran Foley, Rail Gourmet Ireland managing director. The RailPoS handheld terminals


hesterfield Football Club (FC) is benefitting from a 20% increase in refreshment sales after

installing a live TV network throughout the hospitality areas of its ground. The decision to install internet protocol

(IP) networked TV was taken as part of plans to offer a more extensive range of services to fans and corporate customers and achieve a return on its investment in its new Proact stadium, which it moved into in July 2010. The club was advised to utilise the IP

network that had been installed in the stadium. This enabled it to extend the reach of live video delivery throughout the entire building, including the public, conferencing and banqueting areas far further than by using a co-axial cabled network. Chesterfield FC used IT systems

integrator, Addooco IT to specify and install MediaStar Evolution, an IP-based audio video (AV) distribution solution from Cabletime. It enables the club to stream the match live throughout the ground, so supporters, who want to reach the refreshment concourse just prior to half time, don’t have to miss a minute of the football action. Carol Wilby, Chesterfield FC chief executive, said: “The real icing on the

cake has been the boost to match-day revenue streams as a direct result of supporters spending more time and money in the refreshment bars as they linger to watch the concourse TVs, even during the match.”

Sales of refreshments increased by

over 20% and, because the club can now sell ‘broadcast time’ on the screens in the period before the game – using the MediaStar Evolution system to distribute content – an additional lucrative advertising revenue stream was created. Chesterfield uses the management software behind MediaStar Evolution to simultaneously schedule special welcome or informational messages in the public areas – including safety messages – while streaming live football in the stadium or company videos and presentations in the conference rooms. “We are delighted that our IT partner, Addooco IT Services, has provided the club with so much flexibility in the delivery of digital media, as it enhances the offering to our customers, whether in the concourses and hospitality areas on a matchday, or for conference and banqueting events seven days a week,” Wilby added.

and built-in software have the dual capability of handling product sales as well as chip and PIN payment through the same unit, using onboard Wi-Fi or GPRS to connect with head office servers. And extensive system testing ensured compliance with Rail Operations Standards and compatibility with the existing GPRS network used by Irish Rail. The RailPoS system benefits include a reduced need for the manual completion of paperwork, meaning catering bars can stay open longer during a journey. The electronic transfer of more timely and accurate data aids decision making, and improved stock data integrity and inventory control enable real-time replenishment prompts and costs reduction through management of stock flows. Rail Gourmet can now also profile each route and use the available business intelligence for effective route planning and sales forecasting, as well as offer customers an improved service and product selection, with choices tailored to changing demands and preferences.


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