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ADVANCES NEWANTI-AGEINGTHERAPIES Leading experts gathered in BeverlyHills to share best practice and ideas

9–11 November, 2012. The first was to create the most effective approach to restoring skin health; the second was to standardise skin treatment and eliminate unnecessary variables; and the final objective of the programme was to present principles and ideas to encourage creativity among physicians and skincare professionals in the treatment of each patient. Dr. Obagi hopes that 'these ideas will challenge and encourage [doctors] to do [their] own research, experimentation, and clinical studies. That is what I have continued to do throughout my career as a dermatologist.' Featuring a world-class faculty of


dermatologists, plastic surgeons and anti-ageing doctors, the symposium ticked all the boxes for today’s aesthetic practitioners interested in learning about skin rejuvenation. The 3-day programme attracted practitioners from America, Canada, Latin America, the U.K., France, the Philippines, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Singapore, Australia, and the Ukraine, as well as premier exhibitors including Ellman International, Envy Medical, Ulthera, Cynosure, DermaSculpt, Syneron, and ZO® Skin Health. Dr Obagi wowed the audience with his results

of reversing severe hyperpigmentation on skin of colour, and offered his new thinking about the dangerous long-term side-effects of hydroquinone use without medical supervision. He stressed the importance for practitioners to select the right topical agents and the most efficacious procedures. One of the many impressive

lectures was from Dr Rebecca Fitzgerald, an LA Dermatologist, who presented her personal techniques entitled, 'The Art and Science of Volume Replacement'. Fitzgerald also joined Dr Obagi in the live patient demonstration where she demonstrated her techniques for patient assessment and shared some of her injection pearls with the attendees. Dr Z. Paul Lorenc, a plastic surgeon from New York, added his science-based evaluation of neuromodulators and dermal fillers, both FDA-cleared and currently undergoing clinical investigation.

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EINOBAGI,MD HAD THREE goals in mind for the 24thUltimate Skin Health Symposium,, The Art and Science of Skin Treatments & Rejuvenation, held at theMontage Hotel in Beverly Hills from


Lorenc and Fitzgerald both emphasised the

importance of restoring volume of the medial deep fat pad. Dr Patrick Trevidic, a plastic surgeon from Paris, France, further advanced the growing trend of using new variations of cannulae and soft needles. Blunt-tip cannulae are increasingly used for filler injections in Europe, as well as the U.S., as they can reduce the risk of perforating blood vessels and damaging nerves. Dr Vivian W. Bucay, a dermatologist from San

Antonio, Texas, spoke on the 'Combination Approach: Rejuvenating the Aging Face', and conducted an informative workshop on using the Pelleve® Wrinkle Reduction System. 'In order to rejuvenate skin, we must tackle fine

Dr Obagi stressed the importance

for practitioners to

select the right topical agents.

lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and vascular changes by refreshing the skin with topical skincare products, chemical peels, fractional non-ablative or ablative resurfacing, and laser and/or IPL for photo damage. Chemodenervation with Botox can be used to relax wrinkles, while fillers or biostimulators can replace age- related volume loss,' said Bucay. Dermatologist E. Victor Ross from San Diego, California,

explained how overall, non-ablative fractional lasers are more commonly applied than their ablative counterparts: 'This trend is a result of the decreased downtime and wound care associated with non-ablative lasers, especially for the face where the immediate postoperative appearance is so important.'

A comprehensive symposium for all Key learnings from the Symposium, said Bucay, include an update on peels as a powerful tool in

November/December 2012 |

the treatment of hyperpigmentation and photoageing. 'Although much attention is given to laser technology, lasers and IPL can backfire in treating pigmentation problems. According to Dr Obagi, using the appropriate chemical peel to target what he refers to as the immediate reticular dermis can produce skin tightening.' She also cited Fitzgerald's elegant analysis of the

anatomic changes that contribute to the ageing face. 'Dr Fitzgerald's synthesis of various landmark publications, such as the groundbreaking work of Drs Joel Pessa and Rod J. Rohrich, regarding the fat compartments in the face, has increased my understanding of the complexities of facial ageing. I have become a better injector since first hearing Dr Fitzgerald's presentations,' said Bucay. The last day of the programme led by Dr Obagi

featured non-CME lectures from Drs Stephan Marks, Jarl Bunaes, and Frank Muggenthaller, who presented their experience and success with integrating skincare into their clinics. 'The Ultimate Skin Health Symposium was the

most comprehensive event dedicated to the education of skin quality and excellence,' said Dr Barry DiBernado, a plastic surgeon from Montclair, New Jersey, who presented an update on energy- based devices for body shaping, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. 'Zein Obagi is a true master of control of skin

ageing and defects. Adjunctive treatments including lasers, devices, and hormonal management of ageing were covered to illustrate the multi-modality approach to the ideal skin condition.'

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