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Avoid microwaving foods in plastic containers, even when they are labeled as microwave-safe. Research medications. Dr. Eugene R. Shippen, co-author of The Testoster- one Syndrome, states, “High-dose statin drugs used to lower cholesterol definitely lower testosterone levels and are high on the list of causes of erectile dysfunction.” Exercise. Physically inactive peo- ple lose up to 5 percent of their total muscle mass per decade. Exercise helps to lower estrogen levels and enhance testosterone levels.

Testosterone Supplements Past incorrect beliefs that testosterone replacement therapy causes prostate cancer left many medical practitioners reluctant to prescribe it. The latest scientific research shows that a healthy man does not increase the risk by rais- ing his testosterone level to the normal biological range for his age. Renowned medical oncologist and prostate cancer researcher and survivor, Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers, has stated, “There is ab- solutely no hint that testosterone at high levels correlates with prostate cancer.” He founded the American Institute for

To find a local compound- ing pharmacy for natural bioidentical testosterone skin cream, as prescribed by a medical practitioner, visit

Diseases of the Prostate, near Charlot- tesville, Virginia. Natural bioidentical testosterone cream labeled USP, for United States Pharmacopeia standard, is available at compounding pharmacies. Bioidentical means that a substance has the same chemical form as that produced by the human body.

Other forms of testosterone

therapy, including biweekly injec- tions, skin patches and pills, typically employ synthetic chemicals that are similar, but not identical, to natural testosterone. Thus, such products are not completely recognizable by the body. About 15 years ago, bestselling author and hormone balancing expert Dr. John R. Lee published his startling conclusion that synthetic hormones

can cause serious side effects, includ- ing an increased risk of stroke, cancer and liver damage. His findings were subsequently confirmed by the Wom- en’s Health Initiative study. Injections, skin patches and pills subject the body to unnatural fluctuations in testoster- one and estrogen. In contrast, skin creams permit precise daily or periodic dosing as prescribed by a qualified health care practitioner.

As they age, some men strongly feel the effects of a cumulative decline in testosterone levels and experience significant symptoms, while others barely notice it. Restoring testosterone to its biological norm can be rewarding. Remember that hormones are powerful and a little can go a long way. Beyond a prescribed amount, more is not better and can reverse benefits.

James Occhiogrosso, a natural health practitioner and master herbalist, spe- cializes in salivary hormone testing and natural hormone balancing for men and women. For a phone consultation, call 239-498-1547, email DrJim@ or visit


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