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LTHOUGH LASERS WERE INTRODUCED TO MEDICINE IN 1963, IT WAS NOT until the 1970s that they were firmly accepted in a variety of specialities, which adopted them as modern instruments for no-touch surgery. In dermatology and related applications, lasers turned out to be a step forward in the treatment of vascular malformations. For this indication it is the first choice, and there is no comparable treatment today that can surpass lasers.

In cutaneous treatment, a number of indications are well established, such as pigment and tattoo

elimination, removal of tumours, skin rejuvenation, incisional surgery and other applications derived from vaporisation, coagulation, and the cutting effect produced on the tissue. Surgeons currently rely on a wide variety of sophisticated laser systems developed for specialised indications. With lasers we have the ability to control the thermal effects and delimit their action on the target, thus reducing complications and enabling the prediction of results. The application of lasers in aesthetics is based on laserÐ tissue interaction and will continue to be so

in the future. Interdisciplinary groups, including chemistry, biology, medicine and mathematical modelling, ensure a better understanding of dosages to help achieve a more precise treatment. Research is also rapidly evolving to monitor the process of wound healing with the use of light by modulating tissue reactions. New light devices and innovating prototypes are improving efficiency, with advances in manufacturing according to clinical observations and developments during surgery. In conjunction with these events, academics are already disseminating information throughout congresses and seminars for a more homogenous and standardised practice worldwide. Cancer is currently encountering its latest rival in light treatments, and technology is also helping

diagnostics so that surgeons can proceed to fight tissue malignancies. For example, lasers, assisted by photoacoustics, seek melanoma cells in blood samples for the early detection of metastasis, by a test carried out with minimal cost when compared with standard analysis (bio-scan)1

. When it comes to

problems of cancer affecting the vocal cords, the voice as an artistic expression is also benefiting from precise surgery with lasers. Suspicious glottic lesions with non-clinical significance will be eliminated by transoral laser microsurgery and furthermore, physicians can use lasers not only to eliminate cancer, but also to preserve or recover the patientÕs voice2

. Advances in PDT cannot be forgotten as a viable option for the treatment of multiple conditions.

Thanks to new photosensitisers, PDT is becoming more selective, causing far less damage to the surrounding tissue. This therapy is a precise way in which to target and accurately reach the treatment goal. PDT has a wide spectrum of applications as a treatment of cutaneous lesions, for cosmetic rejuvenation of the skin, or even to eliminate white hair. These indications are increasing topics of interest, and lasers and intense light systems are extensively contributing to their development. Fortunately, the application of lasers and light in medicine continues to grow and within this goal, collaboration and action is a must to allow us to do better.

Dr Mario A. Trelles, MDPhD Instituto M•d ico Vilafortuny, Cambrils, Spain


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Industry expert & consultant France | June 2012 ❚ 5

References 1 Paddock AN. Photoacoustic device hunts melanoma. BioPhotonics 2012; (3): 13–4 2 Savage L. Transoral Laser Microsurgery Fights Laryngeal Cancer. Biophotonics 2012; (3): 31–2

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