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World Leading Energy Firm Invests in the UK

Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa have given a huge vote of confidence to the UK offshore wind industry by announcing their plans to build a major manufacturing facility in Leith which will produce the giant wind turbines that are set to be built around the British coast.

The project could be worth up to £125m and is expected to support over 800 direct jobs. The new factory is expected to make the enormous blades for wind turbines – which can be longer than an Olympic swimming pool – as well as the generator units that sit at the top of the turbine.

Along with their Research and Development centre in Glasgow and their offshore wind HQ in London, this announcement shows Gamesa’s commitment to establishing the UK as the main focus of their worldwide offshore wind business.

Welcoming Gamesa’s announcement, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

"This is fantastic news for Scotland and shows that the UK remains an attractive place for foreign investment.

"Scotland benefits from UK wide initiatives to promote renewables and access to the entire UK consumer market. That coupled with the economic security that comes from being part of one of the world's most successful unions makes Scotland an obvious place for companies like Gamesa to invest in."

Energy Secretary Ed Davey added:

“I am delighted that Gamesa has chosen to invest in Leith and cement its commitment to the UK offshore wind market. The Government has been working with the company on this project for some time so it is great to see real progress being made.

“This was clearly a closely run race between two excellent locations - a powerful message to the offshore wind industry that the UK is the place to be.

“Projects like this have the potential to bring investment and support jobs across the whole of the country. Being a United Kingdom means we can attract the large investment necessary and keep costs down.”

Floating Wind Turbines A UK & US collaboration

Floating wind turbines are to be the initial focus of a new agreement between Britain and the United States this week as international talks convene in London to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies.

Much of the deeper waters off the UK's coast, between 60 and 100 metres, is currently off-limits to wind turbines, with the depth being too great for fixed structures, but benefit from consistently higher wind speeds.

Floating wind technologies could therefore open up new areas off the coast of the UK. This will ultimately increase the potential of this sector, particularly post 2020 as the available shallow water sites are developed, and will help to meet our decarbonisation and energy security targets.

Major repairs on floating wind platforms can also take place when the devices are towed back to dock which will also help to reduce costs.

In the UK, the Energy Technologies Institute is currently in the process of commissioning a £25m offshore wind floating system demonstrator.

Energy Secretary Edward Davey said:

“Britain has more wind turbines installed around its shores than any other country in the world and our market is rated year after year as the most attractive market among investors.

“The UK and US are both making funding available for this technology and we’re determined to work together to capitalise on this shared intent.”

Renewable Energy

“Offshore wind is critical for the UK’s energy future and there is big interest around the world in what we’re doing.

“Floating wind turbines will allow us to exploit more of the our wind resource, potentially more cheaply.

“Turbines will be able to locate in ever deeper waters where the wind is stronger but without the expense of foundations down to the seabed or having to undertake major repairs out at sea.

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