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Renewable Energy A further £103 million investment in Scotland’s renewable industry

In March, the Scottish Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing, announced a new £103 million investment fund which will drive the growth of renewable energy in Scotland for generations.

The Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF) will initially focus on supporting communities and rural businesses to develop their own local renewable projects, on supporting district heating, and on supporting wave and tidal developers with the development and deployment of array projects.

The fund will seek to leverage additional finance from other sources, and will be designed to have a legacy for many years to come as the money is repaid and reinvested.

PANOLIN Powers clean energy


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The funding is in addition to the £200 million already committed by the Scottish Government in the Spending Review over the next three years, which includes funding to improve renewables infrastructure.

The REIF will complement funding from the Green Investment Bank (GIB), which has also received a funding boost from the Fossil Fuel Levy in Scotland. While the GIB is designed for projects at a “near commercial” stage, the REIF will be used to support projects at an earlier stage of development.

Alongside the REIF, Mr Ewing also announced a further £2 million support for community renewables for 2012-13. This is to build on the existing Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

(CARES) while arrangements are made to support community projects through REIF.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said:

“This £103 million Renewable Energy Investment Fund will allow communities all over Scotland to reap the benefits of our green energy revolution.

“Scotland has astounding green energy potential and vast natural resources, and we have a responsibility to make sure our nation seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy.

“This fund will help us make the most of our potential. Some have called on us to increase funding for

Alternative forms of power generation are now required in order to stabilise our environment and to ensure that natural resources are managed properly for future generations. PANOLIN Environmentally Considerate Lubricants have, for many years, become the first choice fluids for hydropower plants throughout the world. With Original Equipment Manufacturerers and plant operators alike benefiting from their high performance and long life.

Bearing lubricants, hydraulic fluids and gear oils combine to ensure that the power generated from these clean non polluting sources also has a minimal carbon footprint from its own activities with waste disposal kept to the absolute minimum. Drawing on over 25 years of

marine technologies – this fund does that, demonstrates our commitment to marine and will ensure marine renewable projects become commercial realities. It will help ensure district heating is rolled out throughout Scotland, and will support communities developing their own local renewables projects.

“The fund will not replicate existing grant and loan support. Instead, it will focus on investment by offering new and innovative instruments which complement existing funding routes.

“That is what this fund is all about – investing money from the technologies of the past to secure our energy future.”

expertise, PANOLIN are now working with new technology power generators such as Wind, Tidal and Wave. This involvement includes the infrastucture support of the marine civil engineers who have the equipment and expertise to work in hostile and remote environments.

Hydraulic fluids with an operational service life in excess of ten years without an oil change, Gear oils with an established track record in very arduous applications and an oil condition monitoring service to ensure maximum reliability and value for money.

UK distributor, Environmental Technologies, also employs experienced technicians who are trained to provide a wide variety of support activities to ensure customer satisfaction.

Northumbrian Water invests in Hydropower

Northumbrian Water has installed a £1.3m hydropower generator at the Mosswood water treatment works.

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The £1.3million plant at Mosswood works, in County Durham, has taken eight months to construct by engineering firm JN Bentley, one of the contractors in Northumbrian Water's AMP5 framework.

The new 185kw generator unit will create enough power to meet a third of the electricity needed to run the treatment works and save the water company £200,000 a year. The site’s power bill will now be cost

neutral when Government subsidies are also taken into account.

Northumbrian Water is at the forefront of the water industry for renewable energy initiatives. It already has the biggest hydropower plant in England at Kielder Water as well as the country’s most advanced anaerobic digestion plant, operating at the mouth of the Tees.

The schemes have brought Northumbrian Water national acclaim. The company won the award for ‘Best initiative by a large business’ in the Climate Week Awards 2012. 39

PANOLIN ECLs Environmentally Considerate Lubricants

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