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Drainage Systems

A New Standard in Votex Flow Control

Turbo installation for Ridgistorm-XL

A Bespoke stormwater solution

Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic sustainable drainage and water management products, has seen its Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe utilised as a below ground water attenuation tank, designed specifically to supply water to a fire sprinkler system in West Yorkshire.

This application is a first of its kind for the market-leading Ridgistorm-XL system with the installation being carried out by main contractors Shanco Construction at Turbo Technologies in Huddersfield.

Ridgistorm-XL was specified for the project due to the flexibility of the system’s design and Polypipe’s expert water management solutions teams’ ability to pre-fabricate vital inspection points into the tank design.

Manufactured at Polypipe’s own water management solutions in-house fabrications department utilising 135m of 2.1m diameter pipe, the tank was designed to exact specification, including a series of pre-fabricated fittings including two T-junctions and six elbows featuring turrets.

“The site constraints during this particular project threw up some interesting challenges for us,” comments Declan Armour at Shanco Construction. “As the tank was installed on a live site with a construction footprint of just 700m², speed of installation was essential in order to negate any potential health and safety risks associated with prolonged


installation. However, the light-weight nature of the plastic pipes and the use of pre-fabricated fittings ensured that installation occurred quickly and with minimal disruption.”

Polypipe’s water management solutions technical team were able to carry out structural calculations to value engineer the project, determining that a stiffness classification of 1kN2 would be suitable for the tank. Shanco’s installation team were also trained in how to joint the pipes on-site using Polypipe’s electro-fusion welding technology, which further contributed to the speed of installation.

Emma Thompson, Marketing Communications Manager at Polypipe, comments: “The adaptability of our Ridgistorm- XL large diameter pipe system enables us to create bespoke solutions to many applications. This project is a great example of the capabilities and performance of the product.

“Direct benefits to Shanco Construction on-site included speed of installation and improved health and safety benefits when handling the product. Further to this, there was a reduced need for heavy plant on-site for the installation, bringing further cost and time savings.”

More information on Polypipe’s Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe system can be found at or by calling 01509 615 100

Hydro International is launching the Hydro Brake OptimumTM, a new flow control that represents a major advance in vortex technology. Hydro Brake OptimumTM promises to set new performance standards and achieve significant construction cost savings.

The Hydro-Brake OptimumTM dispenses with the need to choose from a range of sizes and types and instead offers built-in flexibility to size each unit for absolute fit. From now on, one type of Hydro-Brake®, the Hydro- Brake OptimumTM, will perfectly balance flow rates and surface water storage requirements to suit each drainage project without approximation.

Hydro’s existing range of Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls already provides significant savings in surface water storage over conventional flow controls. Now the Hydro- Brake Optimum™ offers up to a further 15% saving when compared to other vortex flow control devices.

By saving on surface water storage, Hydro- Brake OptimumTM therefore promises outstanding savings in excavation costs and frees up more land for building to maximise the developers’ Return on Investment.

“Hydro International first pioneered vortex flow controls in the 1980s and has been advancing the technology ever since,” said Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro’s UK Stormwater Division. “ It’s no secret that other

products on the market are based on Hydro technology. With Hydro- Brake OptimumTM we have set the next generation performance standard.

“In future it will be particularly important for designers and contractors to realise that there is no direct equivalent to the new Hydro-Brake OptimumTM. It can be tempting for a contractor to try to change from the specified flow control, but in the case of Hydro- Brake OptimumTM this would result in a change of the engineered performance and could render the designer or contractor liable for a design failure.”

The ultimate flexibility in Hydro-Brake OptimumTM unit sizing enables fine- tuning according to the site priorities. For example, it may be important to maximise hydraulic performance or to choose a more compact design to account for site

constraints such as pipe diameter or for chamber retrofit.

New adjustable inlet plates are available to provide up to 20% alteration in the forward flow rate, to provide clients with the option of future-proofing against climate change or site- modifications. The new Hydro-Brake OptimumTM also offers up to 20% larger clearances than other vortex flow controls leading to a reduced risk of blockage.

Manufactured out of high grade Stainless Steel, Hydro-Brake OptimumTM is able to withstand the forces of even the most

intense storm event without deforming.

Hydro has increased the range of time-saving installation options including, lugs, push-fit spigots, flat or curved mounting plates, penstock or slide mounts and removable units. The Hydro-Brake OptimumTM is also available pre-fitted to a purpose-built precast reinforced concrete chamber.

Designing the ‘optimum’ Hydro-Brake® is made possible with the help of Hydro’s unrivalled technical support services. Via a dedicated Hotline, Hydro International’s full-time design team are available to provide detailed technical support during both design and installation.

Hydro-Brake OptimumTM has received independent accreditation for its performance and design from both the BBA and WRc.

Backed by Hydro’s ongoing commitment to technological

development and R&D, the new Hydro-Brake OptimumTM will help designers and specifiers to meet the requirements of the proposed new National SuDS Standards in England and Wales, as well as corresponding regulatory requirements in Scotland and Ireland.

For more information about Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls or any of Hydro’s sustainable solutions for stormwater control and treatment.

Telephone: 01275 337977 Email: or visit

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