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Water Level Management

Backed by: • Defra


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• the National Trust • the Environment Agency • the Wildlife Trusts • Keep Brittain Tidy • Water Companies • Waterwise

we need to take from the local river, and from the habitats and wildlife it supports.

“The current drought is not just our problem, it’s everyone’s problem and we can all do our bit to help by doing simple things like turning off taps while we brush our teeth and taking shorter showers.”

Paul Butler, Managing Director, South East Water, said:

“Rivers are such an important part of our daily lives and yet it is a connection that is easily forgotten. Whenever we turn on the tap we should remember that the water we use may be from a river, and when we let the plug out of the bath much of this water will return back to the environment.

“Water companies work hard to protect this natural environment, carefully managing the amount of water we take from rivers, and then ensuring water is treated to high standards before it is returned to the environment. By reducing leaks and making our treatment works more efficient we are investing in our rivers for the future.

“We hope everyone is encouraged to ‘Love Your River’ and that together we can all take steps to use water wisely and know that in doing so we are helping protect this vital water habitat.”

If people are going to make changes to the way they live to protect their local river, they are being encouraged to let everyone know on twitter at #loveyourriver

our environment, and we’ve all got a role to play in making sure our rivers are as healthy as they can be.

I hope the ‘Love Your River’ campaign will inspire people to value their local rivers and take action to ook after them. It’s especially important that we care or our rivers when they’re facing the added pressure of drought, as well as the constant threats they face rom over–use and pollution. The fact that so many organisations have come together to back this ampaign shows the depth of feeling about this issue, and the importance we all place on making sure our actions don’t damage our rivers.”

Paul Wilkinson, Head of Living Landscape for The Wildlife Trusts, said:

The amazing wildlife of our rivers and wetlands is under immense pressure from drought and other actors. Many of us would like to help but don’t now what action to take. There are simple steps around water use that can make a real difference ncluding turning off taps when cleaning our teeth. As well as saving water, you might also want to find out more and get involved with what your local Wildlife Trust is doing for rivers and wetlands near ou.”

Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency aid:

The amount of water that we use at home and in our businesses has a direct effect on the amount of water available in our rivers and for wildlife. We would urge all water users – including consumers, businesses and farmers – to use water wisely to help protect our valuable rivers.”

Simon Pryor, Natural Environment Director at the National Trust, said:

We’re delighted to be involved in the Love Your River campaign an amazing 43 per cent of the land n England and Wales drains to the boundary of National Trust owned land. Whether you earn your ving from, travel on or play in the rivers of the UK, ivers can join us together, connect us back to the natural world and provide natural corridors for our wildlife. This campaign will help raise awareness of

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how actions we all take can affect the health of our rivers and wildlife they support. We all have a role to play in using water wisely.”

Richard Aylard, director of sustainability for Thames Water, said:

“Following one of the driest two-year periods in our region since records began, many of the tributaries which feed the River Thames are running low. In some cases whole stretches of these rivers – for example the Pang in Berkshire and the Kennet in Wiltshire – have dried up completely, and we are only in March.

“We all need to recognise that the water coming out of our taps comes from our local river or from the aquifer feeding that river. The less water we all use the less

A spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy said:

‘Keep Britain Tidy is delighted to support the Love Your River campaign. We believe its vital to reconnect people with the river environment and help them understand how making small reductions in their use of water in the home can have a really positive impact on their local river and the wildlife it supports. We already work to help communities look after their rivers through our RiverCare programmes and we hope that Love Your River will encourage more of us to take action and to understand how our lifestyles can impact on our local environment.

The new website for the ‘Love Your River’ campaign can be found at



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