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The perfect solution for Local

Authorities seeking large scale property protection

Oxford City Council protect an entire estate from flooding

After a series of floods on a Housing Estate in Oxfordshire, the most recent in 2007 which caused £250,000 worth of damage to a number of homes, Oxford City Council decided that they needed tolook at a property level flood protection system.

To look at protecting individual properrties would prove too costly so the other option was to look to protect the entire estate with one barrier. It couldn’t be a permanent barrier as access still had to be maintained but it would need to be a system that could be deployed at a moments notice. It also needed to be easily removed and stored away when not in use.

The system chosen was Caro’s WaterWall and 103 linear metres

of barrier were duly supplied and installed.

Caro FDS Director Roger Wood commented; "We are absolutely delighted that Oxford City Homes saw our WaterWall Flood Protection System as the ideal solution to an issue which has caused distress to their local residents in the past."

"This project is just one of a growing number of installations that have been completed for Local Authorities throughout the UK and shows the variety and flexibility of the WaterWall and WaterDoor system from Caro."

If you would like further information on how the WaterWall and WaterDoor can help protect your

property/premises then please call us on 01763 244446 or alternatively you can email us at

• Mountable & demountable flood protection • Extremely quick & very easy to use • From Flood Warning to Erection in a matter of minutes • Aluminium & Steel manufacture - last a life time & more • Suitable for residential and commercial protection 20 +44(0)1763 244446 The

Historic City of Cologne.

When Cologne required a flood barrier system that would be in keeping with the characteristics, beauty and quality of life of the residential areas adjacent to the river, they turned to IBS’s

demountable barrier system. Demountable flood defence barriers covering an area 9.3 km long in total and approx. 13,200 m2 have been implemented.

The system’s mobile building parts consist of two components.

• The centre support posts, which in a flood are bolted at regular intervals to the permanent reinforced concrete substructure using tapped bushes.

• The dam beams, which interlock and seal to each other are then press-fitted vertically between the posts using a pressing tool.

Flood Protection Barriers

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