This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book. Sliding Barriers - perfect for Roads & Bridges

Sliding barrriers are an excellent solution for roadways, bridges etc where there is quite a wide gap. The advantages of the sliding barrier system are:

• the ease and speed of deployment. • slides neatly away when not in use • no construction or fitting required when deployment is necessary • no transportation to site required.

The barriers will be purpose built for a water-tight seal and when not in use will allow normal access for traffic/pedestrians.

Perhaps the only downside is that being permanently in situ, there has to be regular on- site checks and maintenance inorder to ensure that ’when the day comes’ the barrier will fulfil its function.

Damage can occur, either accidently or deliberately and the barriers, therefore require regular maintenance checks. The sliding mechanism and seals will also need routine servicing and maintenance. Repairs and servicing may require heavy duty lifting equipment, such as a cranes or hydraulic jacks and any work will generally need to carried out in situ.


maintenance on ACE Flood Barriers is cheap and effortless’

An ACE Flood Barrier

ACE Slide Flood Barriers are subtle small scale flood barriers designed for road and bridge revetment which is secured within a purpose built enclosure to prevent theft and vandalism. ACE Slide Flood Barriers are uniquely designed to slide along rails for quick deployment in flood events.


The design of the barrier is unique in that the seals can be easily changed without the use of lifting equipment. This is achieved by using the sliding mechanism to allow full access to the seal around the gate. This alleviates the cost of cranes at regular service intervals and makes regular maintenance on ACE Flood Barriers cheap and effortless

ACE Slide Flood Barriers are also fitted with chamfered wheels which run in a V-shaped groove. The unique design of these ensures that the seal is only in contact with the surrounding structure when it is in the closed

position, again, improving the seal lifespan.


ACE Flood Barriers contain chamfered wheels which are fitted to jacking screws. This feature lifts the door clear of the frame, allowing the barriers to glide into position with minimal effort. Once deployed, the barrier seal is clamped and locked to prevent unauthorised removal, providing a virtually drop-tight seal even at full head.

ACE Flood Barriers simple and effective design has drastically reduced the resource on man hours when deploying more traditional flood methods. This was estimated in our latest installation at Jubilee Bridge at about 95% deployment efficiency. ACE Slide Flood Barriers have meant this area can now be safe from flooding in minutes.


Flood Protection Barriers

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