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RAPIDAM is a lightweight, easy to store and very quick to install, flood defence barrier. It can be erected instantly and installation is simple and straight forward. It is ideal for locations when there are no mounting positions for fixed or part-fixed barriers.


For known locations a concrete beam is fixed into position for the Rapidam Bolt Down system to be secured to

A 100m long 1m high barrier is compact enough to fit onto the purpose built Rapidam Handling Unit (RHU) that could be stored in a nearby “lock-up” and easily towed behind a small vehicle.

For known locations a concrete beam is fixed into position for the Rapidam Bolt Down system to be secured to. This

connection on the leading edge of the Rapidam apron is to prevent any sliding motion when the flood waters initially rise up. Once a head of water is on the apron it will anchor the barrier to the ground and seal any leak paths caused by the undulating surface.

For soft surfaces or more temporary installations the Rapidam Free Standing unit can be deployed and simply secured into place with earth anchors, sandbags or fixings to any street furniture.

Indeed a section of 0.5m high barrier 30m long can be

nt the Future of Flood Protection property or community they are

protecting. As they require no human interaction to deploy, it doesn’t matter what time of day flooding strikes, they don’t place human life at risk.

As passive defences for

communities, such as our SCFB™ (part of the Self Closing Flood Barrier range) are effectively buried in the ground when not in use, they also don’t interrupt the aesthetic appeal of the location where they are installed – an important factor for the residents, and at times the local economy, of the at risk communities. National heritage or tourist sites certainly don’t want to risk driving tourists away with unsightly defences. Previously this was a catch 22 situation – protect the community or damage the local economy – with passive defences, it needn’t even be a consideration as they’re practically invisible when not deployed.

We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our products remain at the top of their game and give communities peace of mind that they, and their properties and businesses, are continually safe from flooding.

manhandled by a single person and swiftly laid out and erected to prevent flash flooding at a moments’ notice. A great asset for any local council, highways agency of fire service we would have thought as it is so much simpler, faster and lighter than placing sandbags everywhere.

Rapidam has been used in many places across the UK with many in Scotland at Eyemouth harbour (to prevent a high tide from disrupting the harbour front), Murrayfield (where it is used to block the water passage through a tunnel) and with Ogg & Son in Elgin.

Not only is Rapidam fast and versatile to install but it is also the most cost effective temporary barrier available in the UK.

Call us to see how we can assist with your flooding issues, whether it be a

commercial/business/retail park, the curtilage of a factory/warehouse or a large detached property.

Rapidam is one of many solutions Revetment can offer that include in-situ (lift-up, drop down or gated) products as well as permanent glass-wall barriers.

As such, UKFB is a global ambassedor for passive defences and is taking control and driving the industry forward through these innovative defences in order to provide the most effective solutions to guarantee flood protection. We want to educate the world about the growing risk of flooding to ensure that at-risk communities, properties and vital infrastructures are always safe from the social and financial effects of flooding – from small, localised flash floods through to potentially devastating tsunamis.

The UK may have experienced one of the warmest March’s since records began and despite some parts of the country being imposed with a hosepipe ban, this represents one side of the consequences of global warming. The other is more frequent, more severe flooding, as witnessed this April, and to avoid damage to vital infrastructures, communities, business and the loss of human life, we all need to be prepared – and the only way of being truly prepared is to install passive defence solutions.

Frank Kelly, CEO of UK Flood Barriers

+44 (0)844 8044 046

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