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From the President Dear Neighbor,

Community Memorial Hospital

Board of Directors Robert B. Pieters, Chairman Ronald R. Bast, Vice Chairman Douglas H. Stadelmann, Secretary Daniel S. Hart, Treasurer Dennis M. Pollard, President Richard C. Becker, Past Chairman Clarence H. Dittmar, Emeritus Ronald H. Dix, Emeritus Robert E. Drisner, Emeritus Sharon Q. Ellis

David F. Goldberg, MD James G. Hackett, MD

Donald J. Heyrman, MD, Emeritus Teresa Lux

William D. Petasnick

Dennis W. Shepherd, MD Christine A. Specht-Palmert Susan Templin

Robyn Turtenwald Michael G. White, MD Community Memorial Foundation

Board of Directors Rick Binzak, Chairman

Sharon Ellis, Vice Chairman Daniel S. Hart, Executive Committee Member-At-Large

Michael S. Erwin, Secretary Dennis M. Pollard, President Michael Esser James Hazzard Dianne Johnson Kay Keller

J. David Lane, MD Michael Lauer

Anuradha Raman, MD Marty Schallock Debbie Schmidt Richard R. Smith Phil Strosahl Susan Templin

Gregory Van Winkle, MD John Wandschneider

Kerry Freiberg, Executive Director Tom Knoll, Treasurer

Community Outpatient Health Services Board of Directors

Kerry Freiberg, Chairperson & President Diane Ehn, Vice President & COO Pamela Parker, Secretary Thomas Knoll, Treasurer Moya Baylis Ric Hartman

Sharon Menkveld, MD Chad Zambon, DDS

Medical Staff Executive Committee Dennis W. Shepherd, MD, President James G. Hackett, MD, President Elect Gary R. Valestin, MD, Past President

Gregory Van Winkle, MD, Secretary-Treasurer Department Chairs

Stephen Heaney, MD, Anesthesia

Peter A. Henry, MD, Co-Chairperson, Emergency Medicine Dennis Shepherd, MD, Co-Chairperson, Emergency Medicine

(Department Chairs continued) Karl J. Bertram, MD, General/Specialty Surgery Dennis Sands, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology Gregory Van Winkle, MD, Orthopaedics Neil L. Drake, MD, Pathology Michael Cada, MD, Pediatrics Joseph A. Bovi, MD, Radiation Oncology Timothy L. Workman, MD, Radiology

Section Chairs

Kiran Kashyap, MD, Cardiology Raman Khanna, MD, Gastroenterology Lisa M. Rich, MD, Nephrology Daniel W. Herrell, MD, Pulmonology Scott A. Schlidt, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery Terrence J. Riesch, DDS, Dental/Oral/Surgery William P. Verre, MD, Ophthalmology Robert A. Mueller, DPM, Podiatry Mark Dykstra, MD, Urology

Administration Dennis Pollard, President Diane Ehn, Vice President,

Quality & Performance Improvement Rock Evenson, Vice President, Business & Program Development Kerry Freiberg, Vice President, External Affairs David F. Goldberg, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs/CMO Thomas Knoll, Director, Finance Teresa Lux, Vice President, Patient Care Services/CNO Paul Sanders, Senior Vice President, Administration/Clinical Services

Volunteers in Partnership

Advisory Council Sue Schuelke, Director, Volunteer Services Lynn Enneking, Special Events Coordinator Kerry Freiberg, Vice President, External Affairs Beth Hampton, Gift Shop Coordinator Aleta Brown Carol Davidson Charlyne Kebis Judy Lastrilla Steve Ludwikoski Sandra Meyer Susan Stanczyk Ronald Williams

Froedtert Health Board of Directors David J. Lubar, Chairperson Richard C. Becker, Vice Chairperson William D. Petasnick, CEO P. Michael Mahoney, Secretary Catherine A. Jacobson, President Jeffrey R. Van De Kreeke, Treasurer Ronald R. Bast Ronald H. Dix Andre J. Fernandez Mark F. Furlong David N. Larson Gary A. Mecklenburg Mary J. Meehan, PhD Robert B. Pieters Kristine A. Rappé John E. Schlifske Kevin A. Steiner


Kathleen McCann Contributing Writers

Thomas Connors • Jeanine Dederich • Carroll Delaney Robert Fojut • Donna Roesch


As I walk through our hospital, it’s easy to see where we’ve made improvements over the years to better serve our patients and their families. We’ve added programs, changed services, acquired technologies, renovated facilities and improved processes.

Some have been large, significant developments that have affected the entire region, such as implementing our Heart and Vascular Center. Others have been smaller, yet still significant in their impact, such as providing a courtesy van to shuttle patients and visitors to and from the parking lots. All have been done for the benefit of our patients and the community we serve. Some have resulted directly from the voice of our patients.

In recognition of just how crucial our patient and family input is to the care we provide, Froedtert Health Community Memorial Hospital is implementing a Voice of the Patient and Family Advisory Council this spring. Te council will empower patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience at Community Memorial Hospital. Te council will promote patient- and family-centered care and serve as an advisory resource for staff and administration. A council that accurately represents the broad spectrum of families served by Community Memorial Hospital will be the ongoing goal. Additional advisory councils will be implemented at all Froedtert Health organizations.

Te council will consist of up to 12 members representing the diversity of our patient community. It will meet up to 10 times per year, gathering information through discussions with patients and family members, including focus groups, surveys and open forums; engaging in educational and policy-making discussions; and serving as community liaisons.

In particular, we are seeking patients and families who can share insights and information about experiences in ways that others can learn from. We need patient and community representatives who serve as an adviser for physicians, staff and administration.

Interested participants will complete an application process as well as an orientation/volunteer training session. If you feel that you, or someone you know, would be a good candidate to serve on this council, provide your contact information by calling our administrative office at 262-257-3700.

Wishing you well this coming year,

Dennis Pollard President Froedtert Health Community Memorial Hospital

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