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Get Rid of Hard Water Problems Without Expensive Water Softeners


Eliminate unsightly limescale and actually prevent it from forming Install in 10 Minutes - No Plumbers • No Maintenance

By: B. Michael John, Media Services

water problems: unsightly scale on fixtures, toilet

Are you tired of hard

bowls and showerheads; scale build-up in pipes; poor lather from deter-

gents and shampoos; clothes that look dingy and

feel harsh after washing; hard-to-remove film on

sticky and looks dull; dry, itchy skin; soap scum on sinks and appliances? If you answered “yes” to

glass shower doors, walls and bathtubs; hair that feels

Q. How is ScaleRID dif-

ferent from salt-based water softeners?

any of these questions, you are the perfect candidate to try the ScaleRID Electronic Hard Water Treatment Sys- tem in your home for the next 120 days. If you don’t get RID of

your hard water problems, you will receive a complete refund. But that won’t happen

because ScaleRID is one of the most advanced, effec- tive electronic hard water treatment systems you will find for such a low cost. It’s

also the easiest to install. Q. But how exactly does

it work? A. The ScaleRID, which

is about 4” x 6” and weighs less than 3 pounds, treats hard water with a patented technology that induces variable electric fields with a continuously changing frequency. This field causes the dissolved minerals of calcium and magnesium to crystalize and remain in suspension, instead of adhering to the walls of piping, faucets or heating elements. These minerals, now in suspension, flow with the water and are discharged down the drain (see diagram and our ScaleRID white paper at for more details).

A. In a salt-based water softener, an ion exchange takes place and the hard ions in calcium and magne- sium trade places with the soft ions from the salt poured into the tank used during regeneration. Most of the salt used for regeneration gets flushed out of the system. The process can be damaging to the envi- ronment, not to mention wasting 80-150 gallons of water a week and adding

unhealthy salt to your water. Q. What makes ScaleRID so special compared to other electronic water treatment systems?

A. International Home Shopping (IHS) just complet- ed an upgrade of ScaleRID to

make it: 1) the easiest to install; with our new exclu- sive Quick Connect Coil you can have your ScaleRID up and running in about 10 min-

cleaner and more manage- able. You will notice the reduced amounts of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners you need to use to get jobs done. Cleaning of surfaces, especially chrome, baths and sinks will be easi- er. Your water pressure may even improve without scale

clogging your pipes. Q. This sounds too good to be true; does ScaleRID really work?

A. The science behind ScaleRID has been around for years. There are hun- dreds of thousands of units operating in 40 countries. But thanks to IHS, every- one can now utilize this sci- ence because ScaleRID is so easy to install, so effi- cient and effective and so

reasonably priced. Q. What is the differ- ence between the SR-1000 and the SR-2000?

The big difference is that

utes, 2) one of the most advanced; new computer chips replace integrated cir- cuits, to make the ScaleRID the most efficient device for

its cost, 3) the least expen- sive; even with all our improvements we actually lowered our prices so that everyone with hard water problems can get RID of them simply, safely and inex-

pensively. Q. Without regenera-

tion, how will I know the ScaleRID is working?

A. You will get the most important benefit: you will not be bothered by hard water problems. Within the first week, you will see the elimination of new scale deposits and loosening of existing scale. Soap will lather easier; your skin will feel softer and your hair

the ScaleRID SR-1000 is for moderate to hard water and comes with one Quick Connect Coil. The ScaleRID SR-2000 is for very hard water or for homes/duplexes with large water usage and comes with two Quick Connect Coils. You cannot afford not to try ScaleRID in your home for 120 days. If it’s not for you, return it for a complete refund. YOU RISK NOTHING. Just think how you’ll

enjoy not lugging those salt bags around, but still get- ting rid of hard water prob- lems.

Incoming water saturated with calcium and other mineral ions in solution.

ScaleRIDvs. Salt-Based Water Softener Comparison Salt-Based

Cost Maintenance

ScaleRID under $150


Softening Method electrical field Installation 10 minute do-it-yourself Scale Removal

Scale Prevention Back Flush

Skin Test Soap Test

Health Benefits


NO makes skin softer

Water Softener $400 - $1,800.00

constant maintenance salt-based ion exchange professional NO


YES 80-100 gallons per week makes skin dry

soap suds wash away soap suds difficult to remove essential minerals


exchanges minerals with sodium

The price of the revolutionary ScaleRID SR-1000 is regu- larly $197 plus $10 shipping and handling. For the next 10 days, with this Hard Water Region Authorized Discount Coupon, you get a $50 Discount plus FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. You pay only $147 delivered. We pay sales tax too. For very hard water, the high end ScaleRID SR-2000 with two Quick Connect Coils is regularly $497. With this coupon you get it for $247 delivered right to your door with our 100% 120-day Satis- faction Guarantee and a 3-year warranty. IHS reserves the right to accept discounted orders after 10 days.

Pipe Before ScaleRID

Pipe 4-5 weeks of

ScaleRID use

To claim your discount by phone, call 1-800-390-6179 and give your Offer Code: SCA143 To claim your discount online, visit and enter your Offer Code: SCA143

To claim your discount by mail, fill out and mail this coupon to the address at right.

Solution less saturated with calcium and able to dissolve existing scale.

The system consists of the energizing unit and a Quick Connect Coil that simply snaps around the pipe of the incoming water supply.

ScaleRID User Testimonials

The ScaleRID has helped my plumb- ing tremendously. It has cleaned out the build-up on all my faucets. There is no more residue on my sink...and most importantly, not in my coffee pots. I am a very satisfied customer. Mrs. Wagner, WY

The product is very wonderful. There is no more build-up on my shower heads. They are no longer plugging up ...from all the years of build-up. I have only had the product for several months, however I am very satisfied. Mr. Finch, WA

Our water is much cleaner and we get more suds when we do laundry and dishes. Also, the unit was very easy to install. I would recommend this unit to many more friends. M. Sousoures, NV

Send me: ScaleRID SR-1000 $197 only $147 with FREE S&H

ScaleRID SR-2000 $497 only $247 with FREE S&H After 10 days, please remit with regular price.

Name:_______________________________________ Address:_____________________________________ City:_________________ State:______ Zip:_________

Acct. No. __________________________ Exp. ___/___ Signature ____________________________________ Mail to: ScaleRID Offer Code: SCA143 7800 Whipple Ave. NW, Canton, OH 44767

or charge my  MasterCard  Visa  Am.Ex.

 Discover DECEMBER 2011 29

Enclosed is $ ________ in  Check Money Order (payable to IHS)

ScaleRID How It Works

Quick Connect Coil attaches in seconds around water pipe. Works on copper, PVC, galvanized pipe.

The 21st century way to eliminate limescale and hard water problems in city water and well water.

Unit weighs less than 3 lbs. No more big tanks and heavy salt bags to lug around.

Complex signal field

Quick Connect Coil

Media Services

Satisfaction Guarantee 120-Day Home Trial



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