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It’s important to have a head which is big enough for the camera weight, with a bit in reserve as, Gitzo excepted, many manufac- turers are a wee bit over-optimistic about the maximum load their heads can take. Pan and tilt heads for photography allow camera movements in 3 planes, and usually have a locking handle or knob for each. Video or scope heads allow 2 planes of movement – panning side to side, and tlt- ing – and have fluid damping to promote smooth movement.

The most popular style of head is the ball and socket. In its simplest form one knob unlocks the ball and you can then move the camera in any direction. For a heavier load a variable friction control will stop your expensive investment suddenly crashing sideways.

At the last count we had well over 80 heads in stock, so if you are confused, please give us a call for some advice!

Manfrotto 496RC2 £54.95 The most popular Manfrotto ball head

Ideal partner for most small to medium tripods or heavier monopods.  Revolving base and friction lock  Height 10cm; weight 420g; max load 6kg Supplied with 200PL-14 plate Search code: MA496RC2

Manfrotto 498RC2 £85.95

The Midi Ball still has a small enough base so that it can used on a large monopod.  Revolving base and friction lock  Height 10.8cm; weight 670g; max load 8kg Supplied with 200PL-14 plate Search code: MA498RC2

Manfrotto 391RC2 £49.95

The ‘Junior’ 3-way pan and tilt head is all-metal construction. Movements are not damped.  Suitable for photo and video use  Height 9.5cm; weight 570g; max load 5kg Supplied with 200PL-14 plate Search code: MA391RC2

Manfrotto 327RC2 £143.50 Ideal for a quick change of camera position

Professional grip-action style ball head with light- weight magnesium body.  Built-in friction control and bubble level  Height 10.1cm; weight 620g; max load 5.5kg Supplied with 200PL-14 plate Search code: MA327RC2

Manfrotto 410 £153.90 Total control for precision photography Geared control in all three planes of movement.

 Gears can be disengaged for rough position- ing of the camera

 Height 13cm; weight 1.22kg; max load 5kg Supplied with 410PL plate Search code: MA410

Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 £229.95

Changes instantly from photo to video use

Has fluid cartridge damping and friction control for all movements; adjustable counterbalance.  Pan bar can be set for right or left operation  Height 13.5cm; weight 1.3kg; max load 7kg Supplied with 501PL plate Search code: MA055Q5

Gitzo GH1780QR £199.95 Compact, very light and very strong

Hollow ‘bubble ball’ design and double-locking system give exceptional load-to-weight ratio.  Quick release has no protruding levers  Height 9.5cm; weight 350g; max load 10kg Supplied with GS5370C plate Search code: GZH1780QR

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Gitzo GH2720QR £244.95 Ideal head for birders or DSLR video makers Lightweight alternative to a heavy video head.  Single knob control; handle can be removed  Smooth, variable drag movements  Height 10.7cm; weight 700g; max load 6kg Supplied with GS5370MC plate Search code: GZH2720QR

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