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Strip off

There are many different types of lashes and treatments available, so which are best for you and your clients? Suzanne gives IB the low down on how to achieve luscious lashes…

Strip Lashes: “Traditional strips of lashes that are applied in one piece along the lash line are the enhancements that have been around the longest, think Twiggy, Dusty Springfi eld and Sandy Shaw. These lashes have evolved however and there are many types of looks you can create ranging from quite natural to very dramatic, with everything from different lash styles to feathers, glitter, colours, beads, crystals and much more available.”

Individual Clusters: “These lashes are a very good alternative to strip lashes if your client is looking for something that lasts for more than one to two days. These clusters are applied singly to the base of the lashes and, depending on the lengths used and where they are placed, can create a number of different looks. They generally last up to a week but some clients have been known to get two to three weeks out of them with minimal refill.”

Semi Permanent Lash Extensions: “For the client that loves longer lashes and wants something a bit longer lasting, these lashes can last from six to eight weeks with refills. A single synthetic lash is applied to a single natural lash to ‘extend’ the length of the lash. On average you would apply 20 to 40 lashes to each eye but if your client is looking for a very lush look you could put as many as 90. These lashes tend to fall out as your natural lashes shed so refills are required. There are some new products available in semi permanent lashes with lengths now available up to a whopping 15mm, coloured lashes, Y-lashes where two lashes branch off the one extension allowing you to give more volume to clients that have very sparse lashes.”

Eyelash Tinting: “This is a very natural looking form of lash enhancement that brings out the length and fullness of a clients own natural lashes and frames the eyes. It is recommended to clients before the other types of false lash enhancement as they all look better against a darker lash.”

ArtDeco lashes, available from Chleo Enterprises, use a high quality hair therefore they can be used over and over again. Their strip lashes come with the glue in the box so you have everything you need to apply them, and they are also ideal for retailing. Chleo Enterprises also offer ArtDeco Individual Lashes, which will last for several weeks and add volume and depth without being overly dramatic. They can be applied for every day use, and they allow you to really tailor the look from discreet to expressive depending on how many you apply. They come in various lengths and thickness and are ideal for clients with short lashes.


for experts Beauty Express stock a selection of eyelash enhancements, including Divine Lashes that add instant glamour and create the most seductive eyes for your clients. The lashes are easy to apply and each pack comes with glue. They also stock black glue which is ideal for those who wear eyeliner! They can be used as a retail line as well as being applied as part of an eyelash treatment. The Lash Art collection from Beauty Express allows you to create designer looks with the Salon System Lash Art Kit and Lash Art Feathers. The lashes are vibrant and versatile, and can help create a fun and exotic look for your clients.

Chleo Enterprises stock a range of ArtDeco lashes.

For those who like to offer eye lash tinting, they offer Professional Beauty Systems Eye Lash Tint, which is a high quality tint at a value price. It is ideal for all clients who wish to make their eyes stand out from the crowd.

SIBEL Individual Lashes, available from Hennessy Hair & Beauty Ltd are effective and very easy to apply.

Alternatively, Pretty Woman Beauty Supplies offer Lash Perfect eyelash extensions that are ideal for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. Your client can shower, swim, use the Spa and sleep without a problem whilst wearing these lashes. The eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable, and can last for up to eight to 12 weeks. When dry the adhesive is fl exible and comfortable to wear, and the lash extensions are also resistant to extremes of temperature.

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are available from Pretty Woman beauty Supplies.

SIBEL Individual Lashes, available from Hennessy Hair & Beauty Ltd are also effective and very easy to apply using eyelash glue. They come in different lengths, Short for a natural look or Medium for a more dramatic noticeable look, and they come in either Brown or Black. Hennessy Hair & Beauty Ltd also offer New <id Cosmetics strip lashes, that also make retail items in your salon. They come in different styles, catering for everybody whether they want a natural bridal look or a more dramatic look.

A clear finishing glaze will be applied immediately after application of Lash Perfect eyelash extensions. This clear mascara based product will give your lashes a soft sheen while ensuring maximum bond between the lash extension and the natural lash. Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are for professional use only and must be applied by trained and certifi ed professionals, making them an ideal in-salon treatment.

Flair Hair & Beauty Supplies offer the new RefectoCil No. 5 in Violet I for an intense and glowing eyelash tint colour, specially made for women with light blonde and blonde eyelashes. Each refectocil tube is enough for approximately 30 applications, making it a great value for money treatment product. Also available from Flair Hair


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