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PRIL brings us a new lodge year and new opportunities to Promote Elks Passion. I wish to take this opportunity to encourage new lodge officers and all members to Be Proud, Be Loud, and Be Visible as you help others through your lodge pro- grams, your state association programs, your state major projects, and the programs of the Grand Lodge. Share your good works with that you and your lodge officers and

your community. It is my hope that you and your lodge officers and members are moving at full speed by this point on your way to accomplishing the year’s goals. The BPO Elks is a volunt

The BPO Elks is a volunteer organization, and our active volun- teer members have helped and continue to help veterans

ve helped and continue to help veterans, children in

need, and many others. I ask each member to step forward and volunteer to actively help your lodge. Serve on a lodge committee or volunteer in any capacity that will help your lodge become known as the leader in your community in service to others. As we enter the new lodge year, appoint someone to build a team designed solely to keep your new members involved with the lodge at some level. We too often indoctrinate, initiate, and abandon our new members. Appoint a team to keep in constant contact with the newer members for their first year and invite them to participate.

Many local organizations have breakfast or lunch meetings. They are always in need of guest speakers. What better way to show that your lodge follows our motto, Elks Care—Elks Share, than to contact these organizations and offer to be a guest speaker. In addition, schedule an “Invitation Only” event at your lodge for members of your community that your lodge members would like to have join the lodge. Let everyone in your community know of y

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August and December/January, volent and

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yone in your community know of your dedication to

helping children, veterans, scouts, active-duty military personnel and their families, and all of those in need that you serve in your community. We must Promote Elks Passion outside of the lodge walls. Let’s give people a chance to join us in our good deeds.

Fraternally and Sincerely, Michael F. Smith 4

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