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boxes of food to Conifer Village, a retirement community that had been recently damaged by flooding, for use by community residents.

Piscataway, NJ, Lodge members shipped two large boxes filled with food, DVDs, books, magazines, and thank-you cards to US troops serving in the United Arab Emirates. The lodge also donated 60 cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, which turns each donated phone into a one-hour phone card for a US serviceman or woman serving overseas.

Hamilton, NJ, Lodge Glee Club, which consists of lodge members and community volunteers, visited the Rose Hill Assisted Living Center and performed for about 50 residents. Pictured with resident Yolanda Nagy (seated) are several members of the glee club, including (from left) volunteer Laurene Radaszewski, lodge member Richard Pierson, volunteer Sonnie Battiste, lodge members Arturo Ongaro and John Konnyu, club director and lodge member Lonnie Hutton, and volunteers Joe Tobias and Yvonne Plakiotis.

ized tricycle to John Sheldon to enable him to move around freely.

Greater Wildwood, NJ, Lodge hosted two parties for clients of Cape Coun- seling, which provides psychological counseling to children and adults. More than 80 people attended the party for adult clients and were treated to dinner, while 75 children, parents, and staff members attended the children’s party and were treated to dinner, dessert, and a visit with Santa Claus, who gave each child a gift (courtesy of the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program). In other news, the lodge held its 18th annual Beach Bonfire fund- raiser, which featured food and musical entertainment and which more than 600 people attended, and raised more than $7,500 for the Youth Activities Committee. In more news, lodge members used $650 from an ENF Impact Grant to treat 75 needy local people to lunch. Lodge members gave each guest a bag containing more than a dozen cookies. In further news, the lodge adopted a needy family and gave the family’s five children a total of 40 gifts.

Marlton, NJ, Lodge held a Christmas Party for more than 30 children with special needs and their families and treated partygoers to snacks and a


visit with Santa, who gave each child a Christmas gift.

In other news, the lodge donated

1,000 pounds of nonperishable food to the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Middletown, NJ, Lodge donated $800 in cash, $200 in gift cards, and several

Rahway, NJ, Lodge donated $1,000 to Rahway Food for Friends, a local food pantry.

Toms River, NJ, Lodge members, with the help of a $1,000 ENF Gratitude Grant, sent 300 individual gifts to soldiers of a US Army unit stationed in Afghanistan.

Westwood, NJ, Lodge, with the help of scouts from Boy Scout Troop No. 91, held its annual Special-Needs Chil- dren Christmas Party and treated more than 100 children and adults from local group homes to a meal, entertainment by a clown, live musical

West Milford, NJ, Lodge members attended a Court of Honor Ceremony for new Eagle Scouts Michael Best, Kevin Gilligan, and Andrew Turek, of Boy Scout Troop No. 114, and gave each of them a certificate and a US flag. For his Eagle Scout Project, Best led an effort to renovate a meeting room at the Greenwood Forest Volunteer Fire Company’s firehouse. Gilligan’s Eagle Scout Project consisted of refurbishing a greenhouse at Macopin Middle School. Turek, for his Eagle Scout Project, built ten benches for the West Milford Veterans Park. Pictured with Est. Lead. Knight Lehman Mann are (from left) Eagle Scouts Turek, Gilligan, and Best.

In other news, the lodge held a Halloween Costume Party fund-raiser, which about 70 people attended, and raised about $800 for the lodge’s Abused Children Committee. The lodge also held a one-day Toy Drive, which featured food and live musical entertainment, and gathered about 400 toys, which were donated to the Hillcrest Community Center to be distributed to needy children.

In more news, lodge members delivered Christmas food baskets containing a full Christmas dinner and additional food to 20 needy families.

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