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in Morgan County and a domestic violence shelter in Camden County.

Billings, MT, Lodge donated $300 to Don and Julie Ellingson, who had lost most of the contents of their home in a fire, to purchase clothes for their children from a local retail store.

North Platte, NE, Lodge members volunteered to ring bells and raise money for the Salvation Army.

Cedar Grove, NJ, Lodge held a Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser, which 130 people attended, and raised $650 to support the Cedar Grove Middle School Family and School Association. Pictured at the event are Cedar Grove Middle School seventh-grade students (from left) Kimberly Perrotta, Rachel Bucchino, and Benji Berkowitz.

In other news, the lodge held another Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser and raised $730 for Orphaned Pets, Inc, which places pets from shelters in volunteers’ homes until they can be permanently adopted.

York, NE, Lodge used part of a $1,000 ENF Gratitude Grant to donate $500 to the York Elementary School Pride Pack Program, which provides a backpack full of food each weekend to each of 60 needy children to ensure their proper nutrition over the weekend. Additionally, $300 was donated to the Living Rescue Mission, a shelter for homeless people. In other news, lodge members delivered Christmas food baskets, each of which contained a full meal for a family, to nearly 200 needy families.

Laconia, NH, Lodge members deliv- ered food boxes, each of which con- tained enough food for a family for one day, to more than 180 needy families. The lodge also donated about $200 worth of surplus food to the St. Joseph Parish food pantry.

Edgewater Park, NJ, Lodge held a Christmas Party for children with special needs and treated 19 children and 24 adults to lunch, crafts, and a visit with Santa, who gave each child a gift. Lodge members also gave each child a Christmas basket filled with treats. Pictured are partygoers Leila Fedder (seated) and (standing, from left) Matt Salveno, Collin Walker, Daniel Kellaway, and Joey Garon.

for new Eagle Scout Keith Monia, of Boy Scout Troop No. 4016, and gave him a certificate. For his Eagle Scout Project, Monia installed a flagpole and a garden at the Cape Christian School.

Eureka-Pacific, MO, Lodge held a Barbecue fund-raiser, which featured a silent auction and a Texas hold ‘em tournament, and raised $4,500 for the family of Travis Netscher, an eight- year-old recovering from treatment for bone cancer.


Osage Community, MO, Lodge members delivered more than 120 Christmas baskets, each of which contained a ham and 39 other items of food, to needy families and charities in Camden, Miller, and Morgan Coun- ties. Lodge members delivered nearly 100 of the baskets to families with children and gave each of the children (nearly 280 in all) a gift card, two toys, and a blanket. Of the remaining baskets, 18 were given to senior citizens and two each to a food pantry

Belleville, NJ, Lodge held its annual All You Can Eat Breakfast with Santa Claus fund-raiser, which more than 100 people attended, and raised $150 to support lodge charities.

Elmwood Park-Paterson, NJ, Lodge held a Christmas Party for 15 children with special needs and 35 of their siblings and treated the children to a meal and a visit with Santa, who gave each child a present. In addition, the lodge raised several hundred dollars in donations at the event for the Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Center, which provides educational and other programs for people with special needs.

Greater Cape May, NJ, Lodge members shipped 80 golf clubs to US troops serving in Afghanistan. In other news, the lodge Special Children’s Committee gave a special-


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