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had the chance in September to experience a show that would, in many parts of the world, likely elicit the same “Wow!” as a John Lennon encounter in the ’60s. They were among those who got to see A.R. Rahman live in concert at the Pontiac Silverdome. Rahman is legendary in India,

his home country, for his music and film scores, and he gained major fame in America when he wrote and produced the film score for the 2009 film “Slumdog Millionaire.” That work earned him two Academy Awards. In 2009, he was named one of

TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influ- ential People in the World. Rahman performed at EMU’s

Convocation Center in 2006, and the proceeds were used to establish Eastern Michigan’s A.R. Rahman Indian Cultural and Artistic Endowment, support- ing programs to expose Eastern

Slumming with Rahman F

ifteen Eastern Michigan stu- dents, faculty, staff and alumni

Watson, professor in the com- munication, media and theatre arts department, the event was a learning experience for the group, which included both Indian and American students. Matthew Rumer, a senior

studying electronic media and film, said he had no idea what Rahman had in store for them. “The concert was spectacular, and a great representation of ‘Bollywood’ music,” he said. “I was blown away and would

love to attend another one of his concerts,” said senior Paul Williams. “I especially appreci- ated the opportunity to meet Rahman.”

— Leah Shutes Elevating the E-Room

Ron Oestrike (BS54) mopped and re-painted the floor of the E-Room, Rynearson Stadium’s hospitality room for E-Club members, they decided it was time for a change. They resolved in spring 2010 to “start over” and completely overhaul the room— including the leaky roof. “The E-Room was really noth-


ing but an old storage room,” said Mizinski, former EMU football great and chairman of the proj- ect. “It looked like a locker room. That roof leaked for 30 years.” E-Club members began ask-

ing for donations during spring football drills.

he last time Ed Mizinski (BS76) and EMU Hall of Fame Coach

“There was absolutely no

hesitation,” Mizinski said. “Steve Nofs (BS91), one of our members, really helped at the spring game and made a big contribution. It was great.” The committee received

donations from a variety of EMU athletic legends, including Oestrike, Hayes Jones (BS61), Ron Adams (BS94), Lucy Parker (BS58), Claudia Wasik (BS62, MS66), and others. More than 40 people donated to the project, for a total of $20,000. With five months to work,

Tom Shanley, a member of Eastern Constructors, gathered a team of four students and started drawing up ideas for the new

students to Indian culture. The endowment, maintained by the EMU Foundation, funded the trip to the recent performance. The entire group also received VIP passes to meet with Rahman in his hotel. According to Mary Ann

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