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With comfort being the number one criteria for the

user, Arco has developed a range of new safety boots and shoes in its Trojan range. The Trojan Extreme Comfort boot and shoe offers the traditional quality and value expected from Arco, combined with extreme comfort and flexibility. Made from high quality leather with no metallic parts, the range has been designed to be lightweight and highly flexible with padded ankle support, exceptionally comfortable foot bed and a full range of sizes available. All products in the range scored the maximum SRC rating for slip resistance.

Arco is now able to offer businesses a one-stop shop

service for risk assessing and managing slips and trips in the workplace. With its innovative surface testing service that is integrated into the HSE’s SAT Slip Assessment Tool, Arco can now help customers to assess the risk, identify the right footwear solution and provide a choice of high quality, comfortable shoes and boots in order to minimise the risk of slips and trips in their workplace.

The number one priority for users is comfort. Employees want shoes and boots that will keep them safe but that are comfortable to wear. Arco has lead the way in dramatically improving the shape and style of its safety footwear, paying particular attention to the design of the footbed and the last to produce footwear that imitates the shape and tread of the foot.

As the UK’s largest distributor of safety footwear, Arco also promotes a

range of branded footwear, working with reputable brands that also understand the importance of comfort in the design of safety footwear. CAT® Footwear has been heavily investing in researching the effects of ill fitting work boots on the natural gait of the foot and investing time and money to produce footwear that works with the foot, rather than against it, making the wearer feel more comfortable and therefore able to work well and work safely, even over long periods of time. The result of this work is Generator, the latest safety boot from CAT® Footwear, that incorporates Flexion technology allowing workers to maintain stamina by supporting movement, reducing stress on bones and joints and providing the right level of cushioning and support.

Flexion is an engineered construction that combines a cemented and

stitched construction in one unique process resulting in extreme durability and light flexibility. And technological developments from CAT® don’t stop there. The Generator incorporates ERGO – ergonomic footwear design – that integrates stability, flexibility and comfort to enhance the natural movements of the foot, respecting the 27 bones that enable us to walk.

Good safety footwear doesn’t just provide protection and comfort though,

it has to prevent the wearer from slipping and the new Generator has superior grip just when it is needed. Benefitting from SRX technology – best in class slip resistance – the Generator uses high traction materials and has more ground surface contact because of the formation of the tread pattern, therefore outperforming other slip resistant footwear and exceeding industry standards for slip testing.

Uncomfortable safety footwear should be a thing of the past. Companies

like Arco are listening to customer concerns and are at the forefront of design and development in safety footwear and dedicated to keeping people safe at work.

arco experts in safety

Arco Ltd (Head Office) Tel: 01482 222522

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