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2012 with Modular Madam & Bourgeois Boheme

BOURGEOIS BOHEME Men’s Direction, Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Bourgeois Boheme interprets WGSN’s 360º trend.

For Autumn/Winter 2011/12, men’s footwear

captures the spirit of nomadic lifestyle and outdoor living. Textural volume softens the look with knitted and fur trims and linings, while Navajo blanket designs inspire print and pattern. The combination of Native American textiles and modern urban materials creates an exciting aesthetic, bringing the trend of tribal print into new phase. Navajo-influenced menswear knits have been bubbling since earlier this year cropping up in markets as far afield as Tokyo and New York. Traditionally woven into blankets, it has

been appropriated to work in woven and knitted garments and WGSN tracks its filtering into the footwear market. The style has always been associated with a relaxed, bohemian style which is still current today. This desire to reconnect with nature is

radiating throughout many aspects of life. City farms can be seen popping up across major cities and there is a continual and growing market for vacations that simulate camping or farming. The essence of this desire can be translated into the men’s footwear trend. Feature details include sports laces, hook

eyelets and rubber soles complete with butted seams and boots generally cut just above the ankle. The basic shape is that of a hiking boot but the combination of leather and textiles is a new twist. The woven sweater materials and

patterned wools sit alongside aged and worn leathers. Rag and Bone and Dunhill Autumn/ Winter 2010/11 collections exhibit this updated hiking boot. A 360º view is explored by looking at the theme of inside out. Exposed linings, displaced and external seams show normally hidden workmanship whilst movement is incorporated through the use of pleats and gathers and unexpected material placement.

Converse X Woolrich AW

PANTONE® 19-16-56

PANTONE® 18-1660

PANTONE® 19-3926

PANTONE® 16-1459

PANTONE® 17-1128

Men’s CAD drawings

NARROW ANKLE TWO-PART BOOT Powdered leather slim calf-length boot with woven blanket panelling and ski hooks. This trend can be seen in the collaboration between Pendleton wool and Opening Ceremony in their Timberland boot. Another example of this trend is the collaboration between Rehacer and Dr. Martens as well as a Converse x Woolrich collaboration.

KNITTED COLLAR ANKLE BOOT Texture mixed ankle lace-up boot with contrasting knitted collar inserts. This bold combination of highly contrasting materials show a movement in the aesthetic of men’s footwear from largely safe to making a braver statement.

INSIDE OUT MOUNTAIN BOOT Tumbled leather moccasin work boot with contrasting exposed seams. Yuketen Maine Guide Boot is a good example of this trend. The exposed seams give the boot a softer feel.

PANTONE® 14-0626

PANTONE® 13-0403


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Rag & Bone

Dazed & Confused Yuketen Maine Guide Boot

Astible sneaker by Silent

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