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Park Profile

Junior Training Camp

Open 12 months a year, six days a week (excluding Mondays), the park can entertain up to 10,000 guests at a time. While no published figures are available, FWAD officials insist early attendance has been above expectations. It is expected many of these visitors will be UAE residents. “The park fulfils a regional need for family friendly leisure attractions which can be enjoyed all year round,” notes Flynn. “You step out of 45º heat into a nice controlled atmosphere which is big enough not to feel like you are always indoors; we've got the trees, the landscaping and the daylight through the centre. At no time do you have that feeling of confinement.”

The Next Step The “box within a box” approach to rides such as V12 and Viaggio In Italia means the park can easily switch

attractions and perform routine maintenance without affecting the rest of the facility. Yet there is also room for expansion outside the park, not to mention the rest of Yas Island.

“I know most theme parks tend to put in something new every two years,” observes Flynn, “but I could see us lasting a bit longer than that. That may change down the line, but I think the main role for us now is to activate the island.”

A scene from the Racing Legends dark ride Several Yas Island hotels are already offering free

FWAD tickets to their guests, and the park is expected to play an important role in filling beds outside of Grand Prix season. It will be joined on Yas Leisure Drive in 2012 by a waterpark, one of several other world class parks and attractions being developed by Aldar. Now that the Dubailand dream appears to be shattered, it is Yas Island that promises to become the UAE's first major parks and attractions hub, Schadenfreude perhaps for Abu Dhabi's leaders, who had to bail Dubai out of its financial woes less than two years ago. Jack Rouse Associates has been involved with the Yas Island masterplan from the early days: “We feel that it has a very good mix of attractions, shopping, hospitality, and of course motor

sports,” notes Smith. “Because of the leisure focus, we think that it has great potential for the region.” “Ferrari World is huge in so many ways, not only for

the UAE, but also for the local attraction community,” concludes Smith. “Think about the fact that it was completed during one of the most tumultuous economic periods of recent years. That says a lot about Aldar, Abu Dhabi and their commitment to future developments.”


An in-park retail opportunity Most

theme parks tend to put in something new every two years, I could see us lasting a bit longer than that. The main role for us now is to activate Yas Island

Paul Flynn, rides manager

Riders enjoy Speed of Magic DECEMBER 2010/JANUARY 2011

V12 by Hafema

An in-park animated sculpture 41


An animated scene from the Speed of Magic ride film

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