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Park News

IE Park in the loop Italian manufacturer expands coaster range

The Italian ride manufacturer IE Park is currently working on its first looping coaster. The ride, which has been in planning for three to four years, will open this coming spring at the Infinity mall in Mumbai, India.

The ride will weave its way through an FEC on the fifth level of the mall and occupy a 90 x 60-metre footprint with a total of 330-metres of track. The ride’s highest point will be 14.5-metres. One 24-seat train will be used. Since starting rollercoaster production in 2003, IE Park has built more than 30 rides in four different categories – Mini, Rolly, JR and now Looping – offering 18 different ride options ranging from 46 to 460-metres in length.

A plan of the new ride for Mumbai

“It takes time to gain the knowledge to build a looping coaster,” acknowledges the company’s Andrea Munari, “but now we feel confident. We have the people, we have the skills, and we have the equipment. We are ready.” IE Park is also considering entering giant wheel market. It already has a number of small and medium sized Ferris Wheels under its belt but was inspired to build something bigger after decommissioning and refurbishing a 70-metre wheel in the Far East. “We have the ambition and are cautiously moving forward,” reveals Munari. “The market will decide if we are successful.”

KMG launches Mission Space

Set to debut this coming April, Mission Space is the latest concept from Dutch ride builder KMG. And what a beast it is. The attraction will stand 80-metres tall and offer riders an exhilarating experience as they fly high over other rides below. After boarding the ride’s two 10-seat gondolas at ground level, passengers will be lifted to dizzying heights as each arm flaps up and down like a bird while the central column turns. The ride will occupy a 25 x 21 metre footprint, but its “wingspan” will extend to around 80 metres when in full flight. KMG has designed a new style of seat (as pictured below) complete with waist-level restraints for use on this and other rides including the Afterburner. Jules Verne-style theming will enhance Mission Space’s optical appeal and soften its otherwise somewhat industrial appearance. As with all KMG attractions, maximum portability combined with clever construction techniques are the order of the day. The ride will travel on four trailers, one of for the telescopically-erected central column, two acting as legs/supports and one for the platforms. Despite the machine’s height, no crane will be required for assembly. The ride will debut at Rotterdam Easter Fair under the ownership of Tony Kroon, whose family have travelled many of KMG’s prototype attractions. As well as presenting the ride in Holland, Kroon will also apply for concessions at selected German fairs. A park version of the ride is available for “under €2 million,” with the option of added capacity if foundations are added.

Tarantula attacks Kazakhstan

The owners of Fantasy World Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan, have chosen a Spiderman theme for their new ride from Fabbri. Named Tarentula (sic), the attraction is the latest Contact ride from the Italian manufacturer. Featuring five spinning clusters of four seats on a giant plate that rotates on an angled arm, a dizzy experience is ensured for all riders. Travelling versions can already be found in Germany and the United States.


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