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Park Profile

Figures of Fun


number of Michelin starred chefs working in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s restaurants


(30+) number of real Ferraris displayed throughout the park


metres – length of Ferrari logo on the roof

12,370 tonnes – steel used to

create the building’s structure (only 7,000 was used in the Eiffel tower)

39,000 square metres – grass

used to cover the area around the park’s two coasters

an intense, eye-watering and enjoyable experience that doesn't let up from start to finish. Just like a Formula 1 race in fact, but without the crashes, the overpaid drivers or the hangers on. Better still, the ride is devoid of the whiny engine noise that plagues each and every grand prix. Once you've been shot out of the side of the building – at 0- 240km/h in four seconds – and crested the top of a 52-metre hill, Formula Rossa is a sublimely quiet coaster ride across a desert plain. Maybe that's because it takes most riders' breath away. The whole experience lasts 92 seconds, covering a circuit of just over 2km.

Using a similar hydraulically-driven launch system to other Intamin coasters including Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey or Desert Race at Heide Park in Germany, Formula Rossa boasts a number of unique features to cope with the Abu Dhabi heat, which can reach as high as 50ºC in summer, and rarely drops below 30.

The running gear on each of the ride's four 16-seater trains is sprayed with water between rides using an integrated cooling system, which also removes sand from the wheels. Riders on the front car, and sometimes the whole train, must also wear goggles throughout the ride to protect their eyes from sand particles. This, surely, is the ultimate desert race. The other coaster at Ferrari World also escapes outside of the main building. Fiorana GT Challenge is Maurer Söhne's first duelling launch coaster, and it's notable for a number of reasons. Riders take their seats in a choice of two trains, each consisting of three four-seater cars based around the Ferrari F430 Spider. If the LSM launch at the start of the ride take passengers by surprise, then so too do an additional three acceleration points throughout the circuit. Riders reach speeds of up to 95km/h as they tear through hairpin turns on parallel tracks, each totalling around 1km in length. Authentic engine sound effecrs add to the GT Experience. “The best team always wins” – or that determined by a random computer sequence.

Towering Thrills

Although you'll find tower rides in shopping malls throughout the UAE, none are as tall or provide the same kind of vista as G-Force, Ferrari World's Shot 'n' Drop tower by Huss Park Attractions. Located right in the centre of the park, it shoots its 16 passengers out through a funnel 62-metres into the sky. There's a brief moment to take in a bird's eye view of that big red roof and the rest of Yas Island before guests plummet back down to earth.

Based around a flume ride from Hafema, V12 takes passengers on a cruise through “the heart of a Ferrari 399 engine,” ending with an obligatory splash. Like Cinema Maranello (the park's 4D theatre) and Viaggio In Italia (Flying Over Italy), it is housed inside a self- contained “box,” shielded from the rest of the park. The latter's motion base ride system was provided by Huss Park Attractions, forming an integral part of a Soarin'-style simulator experience which follows a Ferrari car through a series of Italian landscapes. This was the one major attraction still to be commissioned at the time of writing, and is now confirmed for launch in 2011.

Speed of Magic is FWAD's 4D dark ride experience, with moving vehicles by Oceaneering. A Spider-Man-style multimedia experience, the ride follows a young boy as he travels where no Ferrari has gone before – into the jungle, through ice caves, volcanoes and the ocean – in search of a cartoon racing driver called 'Nello (short for Ferrari's hometown of Maranello). Changes in temperature, light and sound effects, all add to the adventure. The park's other two dark rides, each with a ride system by Mack and theming by P&P Projects, employ more conventional storylines. Made in Maranello takes riders on a VIP tour through the Ferrari factory to see how one of the world's most prestigious cars is made. Riders on The Racing Legends, meanwhile, begin their adventure in the 1950s, and pass through a series of scenes depicting famous racing moments and F1 circuits from around the world. An effective part is the skid sequence midway through the ride.

Interactive Experiences In Scuderia Challenge, FWAD guests can enjoy a selection of state-of-the-art Cruden simulators, while Driving With The Champion provides an additional simulation experience. Audience participation is key in The Pit Wall, a live interactive theatre experience that tests visitors' strategic skills. Nearby is The Paddock, giving guests an insight to what makes the Ferrari team tick during each grand prix. As they go behind the scenes, visitors can even get involved in the action by changing a tyre.

RIGHT: An aeriel view of the park and its distinctive roof. The G-Force tower tide can be seen poking out through the funnel in the centre


Grouped together near the middle of the park are several children's rides and attractions including a “Carousel” where replica Ferrari prototypes appear instead of horses, a driving school attraction called Junior Grand Prix or, for those a little older, Junior Training Camp, featuring go-kart style cars. Bell 'Italia features a miniature Italy, through which guests can walk or ride around in a replica '50s Ferrari 250 California car by Chance Morgan. Elsewhere Junior Training Camp, a themed play area, awaits young guests.


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