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Park News

Wannado City closes

Wannado City, Sunrise, Florida, will close January 12. Citing financial instability, the six-year-old children’s role- playing attraction will lay off 314 employees. Wannado City was developed through a partnership between Mexico-based CIE Amusement Parks and The Mills Corporation, former owner of Sunrise’s Sawgrass Mills. Another Mexican operator, Kidzania, is now planning to open similar attractions in the US.

Solid orders for Technical Park

“The company has a solid order book,” reports Technical Park salesman Marco Grigolo. The Italian manufacturer has, for instance, sold a

Loop Fighter

Ferris Wheel for 2011 delivery to Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, Denmark. Other recent sales include a Typhoon (suspended Frisbee) to Mirabilandia in Brazil, a Rock ‘n; Roll rollercoaster for Parque Italo Americano in Venuezla (see last issue) and also a Loop Fighter to Martin’s Fantasy Island in Western New York. Five additional Loop Fighters are destined for travelling shows in the US "The Loop Fighter is a very

popular ride," adds Grigolo, "that is collecting a lot of interest." A 24-seat park version is also in development. Technical Park is also building a portable Log Flume for an Italian showman.

Mack update

More details have emerged on Mack Rides' work at Etnaland in Sicily, Italy. The park's compact Mega Coaster will actually open in 2012 (not 2011). Standing 31- metres tall, the 700-metre long ride will have two trains and “lot of air,” according to Mack's Maximilian Röser. For 2011, Mack will supply a Twist 'N' Splash interactive water ride to Etnaland, one of two opening this season in Europe. The other is Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England as part of the park's new Nickelodeon Land. At Le Pal in France, a Mack Spinning Coaster will open, while Ocean Park in Hong Kong is taking delivery of a Powered Coaster (as reported last issue). Mack is also installing a dark ride for an unnamed European park. "Sales have been strong for 2010, 2011 and 2012," adds Röser.


This 80-foot-tall, 16-seater Vertigo ride from the American manufacturer ARM was on display outside at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando back in November.

Eric Bates of ARM reports that five units have been sold for 2011, with several more sales pending. The ride is available in 80ft and 100ft portable versions and a 140ft park model. The latter two feature 24- seats.


Airborne Shot


in the US

Pictured here on display at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, the Airborne Shot from SBF/Visa features either eight or 10 two-seat gondolas arranged around a central 23ft pole. As the ride rotates, passengers can push a button and fly upwards. One unit has already been sold in the US by local agent Rides 4-U to Gillians Wonderland, Ocean City, New Jersey.

SBF/Visa’s rides are proving good sellers for Rides 4-U’s Len Soled, who also reports an Umbrella Swingdestined for Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio; a Mini Dance Party for Funplex in New Jersey; a Flying Dragon to Bates Brothers. an Ohio-based travelling show; and a Chopper Train destined for another carnival operator, Majestic Midways. New LED lighting packages will enhance the Wave Swinger at Lake Compounce, Bristol, Connecticut, and Pharoah's Fury at Keensburg Amusement Park in New Jersey. Soled expects many more prospective sales following IAAPA.

KMG news

As well prepared to launch the mighty Mission Space this coming spring 2011 (see page 20), the Dutch ride manufacturer KMG also has a full order book for a number of its tried and tested attractions.

In November the company delivered its latest Speed propeller ride to the British showman Edward Danter. Further versions are on order for customers in France and New Zealand. KMG has now sold 28 units of the ride worldwidr. Its most popular attraction to date, however, is the Freak Out, a slimline and highly portable version of the Afterburner suspended Frisbee style attraction, the firm’s previous best seller. The next one is going to US carnival operator Fantasy Amusement. A park model Afterburner is bound for Morey’s Piers in New Jersey. KMG has also secured an order for its fourth XXL – the big brother of the Afterburner/Freak Out. The ride is bound for German showman and Munich resident Sebastian Küchenmeister, who is expected to apply for a position at the city’s Oktoberfest. No customers have yet signed up for XLR8, KMG’s cheap and cheerful new fairground ride, but there is interest from the US and UK. According to company salesman Peter Theunisz, “the best thing is to build one first and then sell it. Showman are emotional buyers.”

New rides for Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia, has unveiled two new rides for the “summer” holidays, both by Zamperla. The Coney Island Top Drop (as seen right) will stand almost 15 metres tall, making it visible from the St Kilda beach, while the Rockin’ Tug needs almost no explaining, being one of Zamperla’s top sellers. 23

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