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First Neumann-branded monitor unveiled

KH120 designed for use as a near-field reference monitor or as a rear loudspeaker in larger, multi-channel and surround-sound systems

NEUMANN HAS unveiled the first studio monitor to carry its badge, the KH120, which has been developed in conjunction with the team responsible for the acclaimed Klein and Hummel reference monitors. The brand was incorporated by Neumann earlier this year. The KH120 is designed to be used as a near-field reference monitor, or as a rear loudspeaker in larger, multi-channel surround sound systems. It represents, said Neumann in a statement, “the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible.” The KH120 comes equipped

with powerful analog amplifiers, which, Neumann claims, offer substantial headroom and fast transient response. It has a wide

Harman reveals new loudspeaker brand

HARMAN PRESENTED its new loudspeaker brand, Selenium, to the European professional audio community at PLASA 2010. Following its acquisition of the Brazilian manufacturer Electronica Selenium, the brand is now part of Harman Professional’s Loudspeaker Group led by Mark Ureda, general manager and VP.

“Being part of a global firm such as Harman allows Selenium to expand distribution in a measured, strategic and well-supported manner,” said Rodrigo Rihl Kniest, country manager, Harman Brazil. Founded in 1958 in the south of Brazil, Selenium manufactures products for the automotive and pro audio markets. For the latter, its products include a ribbon line array

system and 18-inch subwoofer delivering 1,000 Watts. Michael MacDonald, Harman

Pro’s executive VP of marketing and sales, noted: “The decision to acquire Selenium made perfect sense from the first visit to its facilities. I am confident that Selenium will be a great success as part of Harman Pro. Looking forward to the Olympic Games and the World Cup, which will be held in Brazil, I am excited that Selenium will be a

local flagship for

Harman Professional. Harman has ambitious growth

plans for the Brazilian market. The company has invested around US$100 million to expand its production capacity and establish a

world-class R&D centre there. >

horizontal dispersion pattern allowing freedom of movement across the mixing console, while a narrow vertical dispersion reduces re ections off the mixing console. Non-parallel cabinet

for smooth off-axis response, forgiving of diverse acoustical environments. A powerful titanium fabric dome offers low- distortion, high frequency reproduction and a composite

The KH120 represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and ensures the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

walls attenuate internal standing waves, while a one-piece front panel with no discontinuities reduces diffraction and helps flatten out the loudspeaker’s frequency response. Other features of the new

monitor include the firm’s proprietary Elliptical Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide,

sandwich cone provides damping of break-up modes. Its aluminum cabinet is magnetically shielded and minimizes resonances with high levels of heat dissipation. An associated subwoofer, the

Neumann KH 810, was also announced and extends the low-

frequency response to 18Hz. >

Mitch Carey: 1966 to 2010

MITCH CAREY, marketing and communications director of Sonic Distribution and sE Electronics, died unexpectedly recently, from what is suspected to be blood poisoning. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed. He leaves behind his wife, Debs, and two sons, Dylan and Euan. Carey joined Sonic Distribution as

an equal shareholder and director, alongside Phil Smith and James Ishmaev-Young, in 2004. The three, along with Siwei Zou, were also partners in sE, which has developed several popular studio microphones.

Carey is credited as being a creative inspiration for marketing, taking ideas generated by the team and turning them into reality, as well as helping to negotiate some of the key manufacturing partnerships. These included the collaboration with Rupert Neve Designs that led to the creation of the RNR1 ribbon microphone, which Carey brought to the market. His artwork, branding and the products he helped develop, such as the Reflexion Filter, have formed the face of one of the industry’s most recent brand success stories.

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