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dB Technologies’ annual Prosonic event had an added agenda this year, a tenth Anniversery Party and a brand new show room. Andrew Low reports…

erman loudspeaker manufacturer and wireless technology specialist dB Technologies opened its doors to its worldwide dealer network this month, to celebrate

the company’s tenth anniversary in a brand new 500 square- metre showroom in Cologne.

Held the day before PLASA, the itinerary for the event included a riverboat trip on the Rhine and the Prosonic event, which included an education and discussion forum, followed by a party. A stage, fully kitted out with dB loudspeakers and lights from sister company SGM, was the centrepiece for the seminars and celebrations. The party welcomed over 200 visitors to the state-of-the-art showroom for a lively celebration.

The company certainly has a lot to be pleased about after growing from a three-man team to a 35-member operation, merely a decade later. “I’m extremely proud of our development over the past 10 years,” said managing director Michael Herweg. “We have built a team instilled with the same passion that we had when we started. “Back then we were selling, picking and packing all at once,” remembers Arne Deterts, now sales director Germany and one of the original three. “The drive and enthusiasm for excellent levels of customer support was just the same then as it is now.” Adding to the celebrations was the announcement that dB achieved a 25 per cent growth in sales in 2010 despite harsh economic conditions. “We consider growth in this economy to be a particularly notable success; in many territories dB Technologies is seen as one of the leading brands in the RCF group, which is an incredible position to be in,” Herweg stated. The fourth annual Prosonic convention invited 85 of dB’s dealers and sales reps from 40 countries, in order to educate them on the company’s newest products and developments. Dealer awards and an open discussion were held to bring the guests up to speed with the company’s high points, while providing a forum for feedback from its partners. “This was a chance for distributors to really get to know the potential of each of the ranges; we've given them every tool they need to help sell them in their territories,” remarked Herweg.

“It is very important to us that we listen to our distributors,” continued European sales manager, Harald von Falkenstein. “Despite visitor numbers suggesting that dB Technologies has gone global, we are fully aware of the value in keeping a local focus.”


The highly anticipated DVA T12 active loudspeaker module was previewed during Prosonic. Building on the success of the company’s T4 line array system, the T12 will provide three times the power (1,200W) of the T4 while maintaining the same width measurements, meaning it can be added to an existing T4 system to increase its capacity.


dB’s DWS800 digital wireless system was also presented in an in-depth seminar about digital wireless technology. The company stated that ‘analog is dead’ and the 'future-proof' digital microphone system was designed to address the problem of narrowing frequency bands by using its digital transmission technology, ensuring many more frequencies are available in a narrower band.


Sound demonstrations against competitors and technical presentations on the Cromo series were held to highlight the power and sonic characteristics that can be produced from the relatively small speaker with a modest price tag. “I couldn't believe the difference in sound quality, compared to other manufacturers' products in a similar price range,” said Finland distributor, Jori Asikainen. Peter Trojkovic from dB’s Australian dealer deemed Prosonic a success, stating that he would return again next year for the educational seminars and to enjoy the company’s hospitality. “The team made sure we were very well looked after for the duration. The food, drinks and music were the perfect end to a good day's work,” he added. >

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