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integration of Venue into any existing MADI environment, using the MADI protocol to allow users to send and receive up to 64 channels of audio between a Venue system and numerous MADI-compatible devices – including routers, other digital mixing consoles and mobile recording set-ups, thereby nullifying the need for any further patchbays or the like. A full report on Venue’s newfound interactivity will be featured in API’s November issue. >


Sennheiser UK celebrated its 20th year as a subsidiary of its German parent, while highlighting solutions for the move from Channel 69 (845 to 862MHz) to Channel 38 (606 to 614MHz) and the launch of G3 GB. A selection of Sennheiser and Neumann mics – including its Evolution wired mics and the new Mk 4 large diaphragm studio condenser studio mics – were highlighted. Sennheiser’s Wi Cos wireless conference system and the ADN system were featured, in addition to a range of products from its distributed brands, which include A Part Audio, DAS Audio, K-Array and Rane. >

Earls Court, London September 12th-15th OHM

A ground stack version of the Ersa Major line array system and the newly developed class D amplifier modules were shown in conjunction with the Pukk 218, 215 and 212 subs. Its new series of Saturn full range cabinets, co- axial stage monitors and a range of DSP controllers with a software platform common to all future Ohm digital products. >


Harman Professional introduced the latest version of its HiQnet system architect software, version 2.2, featuring new system design features and detailed venue monitoring. Soundcraft debuted the new Si compact console to its line of digital live sound consoles. The new board incorporates the same DSP functionality found in the other Si boards (Emma Lite) and accepts up to 40 inputs to mix in three frame sizes – 16, 24 or 32 mono inputs and four stereo channels to mix – the smallest of which is also rack-mountable. “It was the busiest PLASA show I have seen for many years, there seemed to be a huge interest in digital consoles, and the fact that so many companies

were actively looking to invest in gear shows the industry is in a healthy state,” says Andy Brown, Studer Soundcraft’s head of digital console strategy. “We had a really good and busy show at the Harman booth, with many customers discussing new product purchases, and in particular the Soundcraft consoles,” adds director of marketing

communications, Dave Neal

AKG introduced

the new Perception wireless microphone system, which features 30MHz bandwidth, a sports headset C 544 and a pro XLR output. >

LOUD TECH EAW introduced new additions the KF, KFNT, JF and JFNT series loudspeakers. Both the KFNT and JFNT models integrate 1,500W of amplification, EAW Focusing processing, software-accessible DSP and the proprietary U-Net network. Martin Audio debuted its new Multicellular loudspeaker array touring system (see page 49).

Mackie displayed new additions to its line of HD high definition powered loudspeakers with the HDA arrayable loudspeaker system, plus the ultra- compact HD1221 and two new HD powered subwoofers. The VLZ3 four- bus mixers with built-in FX, compression and four-track recording via USB were on display alongside the new Onyx Blackbird and Blackjack audio recording interfaces. >


Riedel revealed the new Rocknet RN.345.IL expansion card for Allen & Heath’s iLive digital mixing system. The RN.345.IL allows the respective Allen & Heath product to become a part of a Rocknet digital audio network and enables remote control of any Rocknet microphone preamplifier. It fits into the mixing console’s card expansion slot and gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels. A rotary switch is provided for device identification and selection of up to 15 programmable routing tables. >

NEUTRIK Neutrik’s DIWA (digital wireless audio), which operates at the five gigahertz frequency band with no approval processes, data compression, and three milliseconds latency was on show. Xirium is the first product based

18 audioPRO October 2010

on the DIWA technology and combines digital receiving and sending lines in one system. The NA2JJ plug adapter was also highlighted.


In addition to new product announcements from Dyancord, MC2 and XTA, Renkus Heinz launched the IC2 and Modular point source array on Polar’s booth.

The IC2 combines the Iconyx digitally steerable technology with the benefits of a point source loudspeaker. Listed as the creating the world’s first ‘crossover array’, it features four eight- inch low frequency neodymium transducers and one-inch titanium nitride coated HF drivers, while individual steering control of each driver provides vertical pattern control for maximum intelligibility by delivering up to four beams, even in reverberant spaces.

The Modular point source array series, which initially comprises the self-powered CF101-LA and non- powered CFX101-LA systems, can be flown, ground-stacked or pole- mounted. Up to four CF/CFX101-LA cabinets can be arrayed to provide a 90 by 60-degree coverage pattern, delivering up to nine dB more output and tighter vertical pattern control than a conventional single cabinet. >


Line 6 showed the XD-V30 and XD- V70 handheld wireless mic systems, and XD-V30L and XD-V70L lavalier wireless systems.

“Since its release, Line 6 digital wireless technology has received nearly unanimous praise for its unmatched performance, simplicity and sound,” remarks Simon Jones, VP of new market development at Line 6. “PLASA is the perfect venue to bring its advanced technology and simple user experience to audio installation companies, rental companies, production companies, and dealers.” >

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