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BEST NEW STUDIO SNAP North London’s inimitable Snap Studios opened recently with a very rare 1972 Neve 5316 console, along with lots more highly coveted pieces of gear, both vintage and modern. It has already been very well received by those who have worked there.


HHB has become Europe's leading supplier of professional audio technology, particularly among the broadcast community. It is also a leader in the development and production of digital recording products.


THE PREMISES: SOLAR POWERED STUDIO The Premises in Hoxton, London, runs Europe’s first fully solar-powered recording studio, created with the help of the Centre for Sustainable Energy and with acoustic design by Roger D’Arcy. Construction used a large amount of recycled materials and all equipment (including air conditioning) operates on low power levels.


TONY ANDREWS As the founder of Turbosound and Funktion One, Andrews has designed groundbreaking loudspeaker systems such as Floodlight, Flashlight and Resolution with the principal motivation of sonic accuracy and through a technical approach that avoids the use of both system eq and compression driver mid- range. He is highly regarded among his peers and has been praised for championing the importance of factors such as transient response.

“Download represented a major challenge for us this year, integrating our PA with a second stage and PA system for AC/DC on the first day, which required stripping out some delays and reconfiguring the whole system overnight, ready for the ‘conventional’ show days. The project was a team effort between Miles Hillyard, Dan Bennett and Pete Russell, who designed and redesigned to get the result that all the parties concerned, including AC/DC, the noise police and the

What they had to say...

“We're touched and honoured that Snap has been recognised by our peers. We set out to create a home for audio excellence and the response to date from our growing, loyal client base confirms that we succeeded. More than anything else it's a gas to hear so much great music blaring from the monitors. Thanks, everyone. See you soon.”

Mark Thompson, owner, Snap Studios

“When I heard that we had won an Audio Pro Industry Excellence Award for the Viva Elvis show in Las Vegas, I was delighted and really proud. It is such a great installation and reflects what Optocore products are made for and the superb performance our system delivers. We really appreciate this high profile award and I will for sure find a special place for it on my desk.” Tine Helmle, director of sales and marketing, Optocore

“I have been extremely busy since I joined Air Studios 18 months ago and I am delighted to receive this award which was totally unexpected. It is great to get this recognition from your readers and professionals within the industry. Ray Staff, mastering engineer

production team were happy with. The ultimate result was stunning and drew great comments from all quarters. Spencer Beard, SSE operations director supervised the overall effort and ensured all the equipment was in the right place at the right time.

John Penn, MD, SSE Audio

“SIS Live is proud to have worked with BBC Classical Music Television again to provide the outside broadcast facilities for the 2010 BBC Proms. We were delighted to discover we had won the Best Broadcast Sound award and would like to thank Audio Pro International readers for voting for us. This award is testament to the hard work and commitment that the team puts into the planning and delivery of each event across the Proms season.

David Meynell, managing director, SIS Live

“Thanks to all the people who voted for me. It is an honour to receive the Best Live Sound Engineer Award. I do my best to make every show sound good for the benefit of the band and the fans, and this award makes the long tours and challenging venues all worthwhile.”

Mick Hughes, live sound engineer

“Ever since Edison invented the tin foil phonograph, the recording industry has been driven by innovation. Okay, we can't claim to have invented solar energy but we're pleased to be the first in Europe to run a recording studio on it. Many thanks to Audio Pro International readers for recognising that you can now record professionally and be carbon neutral at the same time.” Viv Broughton, CEO, The Premises Studios

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